Whatever web hosting company you are subscribing with, you have to back up all your files. Do not just trust them because they are big companies or whatever. You have to back up your files by saving XML every time you have new updates.  You have to overwrite your old files (if you like) so that your computer won’t be loaded. XML files will always save you when an emergency arises.

Okay, I am writing this because I experienced errors in all of my hosted accounts since Thursday morning (Jan 18, 2018) because the “reseller web hosting company” that I BELIEVE CAN GIVE ME SECURITY deleted all my files. I contacted them, and they said someone was chatting with them asking to delete my files. WT! I emailed the legal department so that I can have a copy of that chat but I haven’t got any respond.

The next thing I did was chat again because I did not receive any updates. Then the tech support who talked to me said to that my reseller web hosting was deleted because it was expired. How can that be expired when I WAS PAYING IT MORE THAN A MONTH BEFORE ITS EXPIRY. I PAID my reseller DECEMBER of 2017 even when my reseller’s expiry was January 2018.

I AM SO MAD! I AM SAD about the damages and the hassles that they created with my small reseller hosting. IRRESPONSIBLE AND NO ETHICS AT ALL!

And today I was chatting with them on FB. I showed them the screenshot of the chat that I had with the last tech that I spoke with last Thursday, January 18, 2018. That person replied to me apologizing for the incident. (Apologizing is not enough, I need my sites back up and running again asap.)

Then, I got a call from the executive whatever department that was; asking me to create new cPanels. Good thing it was a girl with at least nice voice. She said they recovered 25 accounts. She wanted to give me a list of the accounts that they recovered and it seemed like she’s emphasizing that they cannot recover any other things.



Twenty-five accounts are not ENOUGH. So, I told her I will create cPanels for the lists of the main domains of each active cPanels that I have in my list. I told her I have almost 40 accounts and I was thankful for the 25 accounts (but again 25 accounts were not enough). So I made at least 39 cPanels for their CONVENIENCE in uploading the FILES that they can find any time or as soon as possible.

With the deletion that they made, I have one client who received 2 disputes with the services that he offered for his customers because his website was domain parked since Thursday.

Oh dear, I can’t do anything about it. The server is not in front of me. My capacity is just within the website codes, but when it comes to servers, it’s beyond my control.

I hope and pray that the level 3 techs can restore all my files for all active cPanels.

On the other hand, I don’t want to mention the company who created damages to my reseller web hosting because I don’t want to ruin a business even if they damage my small start-up reselling.

All I can say is for you to BACKUP all of your sites so that you can easily move away from the company if they don’t want to do business with your small startup biz.


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