The Ultimate App?

A confession: I use a PC at work, but I’m a Mac fan boy. I can’t explain how this happened. Logically, I understand that I am being played. Logically, I understand how I’m being played. Yet, I’m powerless to resist the urge to gobble up every ostensibly unnecessary product they unleash on the market. iPhone. Check. iPad. Check. AppleTV. Check. iMac. Check. The fact that I’ve wasted an hour of time reading about a fucking white iPhone. Truly shameful. But there it is.

So when I came across, a porn DVD site that brandishes tones, tropes and technologies decidedly Applish (sic), I had no choice to dig deeper. Façade or not, my tack was inevitable; I like POV porn DVD as much as I like iOS, so if was a site that dovetailed my iFetish with DVDs adult consumers want, I had to act. calls itself The Ultimate Porn App. So as a porn DVD site, it gets high marks. That goes without saying. You’re a fan of the adult DVD, and who isn’t right?

But so what. Half the porn sites out there that offer everything from the hottest porn DVD movies to free adult DVD deals performs adequately on that level.

The million dollar question then: What makes stand out from the crowd, stand out in a crowded room of paysites that allow you to buy porn DVD scenes crossing every conceivable niche?

More than your typical, knuckle-dragging, ‘Download Porn DVD’ site, BaDoink offers a sophisticated, intuitive user interface that must be seen to be believed.

The angle? It’s more than an adult DVD site, it’s a software application, branded ULTRA. With the BaDoink ULTRA software, they allege, the smart stroker is afforded a singular porn DVD experience.

BaDoink promises unique technologies for viewing DVDs adult consumers want to see in exchange for taking the extra step of installing a software product.

Now I’m no rube. I’ve been around the block. I was leery about installing the software because it’s tethered to a porn DVD site, and we’ve all been burned by unscrupulous adult DVD sites in the past. It’s just one of those things. I’d go to a pornographer’s after-party, but I’d never leave a pornographer alone in my home unsupervised.

Hell, I don’t think antivirus software would be where it is today without DVDs adult surfers want to watch out there in the Internet ether.


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