Build your saving power instead of credit history

Last night, I tried to call up Citi for my credit card since I already did a balance transfer on my new bank to save some bucks from the interest. I talked to a customer service and I asked where their customer service center location was. The one who answered said that they were located in India. I kept on asking him to repeat some of his words as I couldn’t understand some part of it (maybe he couldn’t understand my accent as well :D), until he transferred me to another department which was the fraud department to confirm if it’s really me. I knew the girl had a Filipino accent and I was happy to hear it. I asked her if I can speak with her in Tagalog or Bisayan dialect but she said that I needed to talk to her in English for quality assurance purposes. Well, okay. After she reset my security question, she transferred me back to that Indian customer service. So, I think Citi call centers were located in India and in the Philippines. Anyway, I asked that CS of why until now that it’s March the balance transfer that was being sent and processed by my new bank last end of February wasn’t reflected in my account when the other banks like Chase and Bank of America accepted my balance transfers for a long time. That Indian Customer Service replied to me, that it was not received by their company coz maybe it was lost by the mail. What the..?

So, maybe I need to do another balance transfer (?!). Oh well, I’ll do another balance transfer at the end of March (I think) if my balance transfer payment will still not reflect in my Citi account. Anyway, Citi card is a good credit company (positive review on their side).

Anyway, relying on credit cards for emergency purchases or for any other purchases is not really a good thing. I learned my lessons already. Building good credit history is okay. But I think, I really need to build my saving power, I mean, who need a good credit history when a person has lots of cash? Well, lessons learned. Enough is enough in using my credit cards. But I thank God for my experiences though!


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