Fun music

Hayss my tripping right at this minute is still listening to my old favorite FM station. The song that is played is Merry Moo or something. It is like the music of my teenage days. I can remember me dancing in this one while doing something at home. It is fun. I love it!

For me, she’s still the best and the winner

I was not able to eat as early as I can because I watched the finale of American Idol. I was disappointed because Jessica Sanchez didn’t win. Well, that’s fine! She’s still the best for me and I know she’s still the best for those who adore her talent. At age of 16 years old, she did well. I know she will be successful in her chosen career! Anyway, I love her because she’s an inspiration who’s full of talents and she’s a good person! Blessings for her!


Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

My husband has got to be the nicest man on the planet and he’s really gone above and beyond this year taking care of me. I love him to death and at the end of the day I think it’s really special the way we work together as a team so I wanted to get him something great for Christmas this year. He loves TV and he’s been really wanting to watch Dexter which is on one of those premium channels so I got Direct TV Garland for the house. They’re not coming to set it up until next week and boy is he going to be surprised! I lost my job last year and he really supported me through finding another one in this economy. Times are tough but at the end of the day knowing he has my back makes it all easier…he’s the best man I’ve ever known and he deserves all the happiness in the world if you ask me. I’m going to do my best to make that happen!


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