Putting together my daughter’s dorm room decor

Guest post written by Jean Harris

My daughter’s the type of girl that won’t think twice about buying things for her dorm room that match, but I want her space to feel special for her and decided that even if she didn’t care for it, I would work on finding some cute decorations for her dorm room.

I’ve been looking up a whole bunch of ideas to try and find some things that look like her style. As I was looking up some of those things, I ran across the website I looked through it some, showed it to my husband and after that we decided to switch our home internet service to this company.

For her dorm room decor, I decided to go with purple. It’s a color that looks really great on her anyway and I know that she loves it. I found a pretty floral comforter that she liked and just bought things to match it. I know that she’ll spend a lot of time studying there and want to make sure that she feels comfortable there.

Putting a temporary plaque while waiting for the one that I ordered

I was posting something in here yesterday but I opted to draft it because I didn’t want that my blog will be a bit controversial.

And today, what I want to share is still slightly related to that thing though in a different way of sharing it.

What I did earlier is that I printed the house number on where my family is living and put it as a temporary address plaque for now while waiting for the plaque that I ordered yesterday from an online store which will make plaques. Anyway, I’ve decided to do have a temporary one because we’ve lost the old plaque that we have long time ago. I am doing it in order to prevent people to ask in disguise if my family’s house is this number and that number. Though, if they’re not disguising and will just look around at the previous houses on where they will pass before our house, I am sure, they will know the correct number of our dwellings (mostly if they’re true or not or just pretending or whatever). Hopefully, putting a plaque will let these people know the exact number of our place.

Positively, by putting this important thing, they will not knock at the door and ask for other information like as if they are looking for this person and that person. Wish they will just go directly at the community office and ask for the right information there since all people who are living in our community is listed in there. No one can live in the community without making a proper listing in the office for some identification and or security purposes.

And so that’s it!

Mom and Dad

Guest post from: Kent Lara

When my mom called me last month to tell me she and dad were having a little bit of trouble keeping up with the bills each month, I was heartbroken. I hate being so far away from my parents and it kills me that they are having money issues when they should be thinking about their golden years. The first thing I did was go to http://TEXASElectricityPROVIDERS.COM to find a better electricity rate for them (they live in Texas) and after that I sold some of my stock to make sure they had a nice cushion in their savings account they can tap into. I know it hurt my mother’s pride to have to ask me for money, but I’m so glad they did so now I know when they need help. Hopefully dad’s pension will kick in soon and they’ll have a little bit of extra money coming through the doors each month. I know they hate getting old, and I really hate feeling like I can’t take care better than I am.

Elegant and adorable cocktail furniture

A home is not complete without adorning it with elegant furniture. One of the furniture that I find so elegant is the Cocktail furniture. And it should be made of wood for the reason that I love all the wood designs. However, I am also open with buying metal base cocktail furniture and or modern cocktail furniture (zag style or discovery style) if it will also fit with the entire looks in my precious home.

How about you? What’s your preference with your home furniture? Do you want it the contemporary or the modern style? Do you have plans in buying cocktail furniture? If you do, then, just try to visit for you to check all of their adorable furniture designs!

The BZZZ movie

I am playing kiddie songs for my son but he insisted “no music mommy”. Instead, he hand me a DVD with a sound BZZZ. I ask him what is that all about and he says “mama I want to watch bee movie”. Since he is the boss, right now, he is watching the BZZZ movie. *lol* 🙂 🙂 🙂

For my family’s future

As I checked with the New Jersey Real Estate, I can say that it’s nice to live in there. I am longing to have my own properties for my family and I am also checking for a good state on where my family can transfer for good. Though, I am open to searching properties at other states and it’s the reason why I am looking for a good real estate development company. What I want to have is a place that’s near the shopping centers and near the important places in town.

Hopefully, I can do this for my family’s future. As of now, my family is renting a piece of lot in which the landlords have good rental fees. I am not complaining though. Instead I am so thankful that my family has a house to live with that each one call a home to stay after a hard day’s work.

I need help right now

Every time I’ve got lots of things to do, all I need is a little help. When nobody will help me, it will make me so grouchy. And now, I am so grouchy again because I need help from anyone. Sigh! I am just so busy these days because I need to check all of the blogs that I have in which I have thousand of posts to check with these sites. So bad!

Will you help me then? You will help me even just for cooking, cleaning, and folding clothes so that I can concentrate with my editing right after taking care of my kid? If you do, then THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! And GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!


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