The Formula For A Great Restaurant Experience

A successful restaurant does not come down to luck, chance, or working hard and extra long hours. It’s about following a formula that will guarantee success and provide your customers with a great restaurant experience. Shopfitters Brisbane knows how much you want your customers to continue eating your food, so have created the perfect formula for a great restaurant experience.

Four Critical Success Factors

Four major critical success factors are extremely important in providing a great restaurant experience for your customers. These include food, service, environment, and location. By using all parts of this formula, you will set yourself up succeed, and most of all, make as much money as you can.


Think of your food as the foundation stones of your restaurant. No matter how inviting your ambience is, if your food isn’t at its highest standard, and isn’t consistently good, you won’t get many customers. With any restaurants comes fierce competition, so if you don’t consistently deliver the same high level of quality with every single meal, you’ll be quickly replaced by a better and more experienced restaurant down the street.


Many restaurant owners misunderstand the value of good, wholesome service. They believe that as long as their food is good, it doesn’t matter how curt the waiters are with their customers. This is where they fail! Good service is the essence of a fantastic restaurant experience, and even makes the food taste better! A restaurant might be clean and in a great location, but without excellent service it’s likely to fail. Train your wait staff to interact with your customers, and set a good example for them. Greet your guests and introduce yourself.


Even if your restaurant is part of a chain, it is important to make it unique and stand out against the rest. Making sure it is clean and allowing customers to see staff clean it regularly, is a great way to create a healthy environment. Remember to continuously empty the bin so it is never full, play the music is at an acceptable level, and keep the bathrooms extra clean. A clean environment is an invitation to come back.


If you are a new business and scouring for places to open up your restaurant, it is very important to choose the right location that will reflect your food and the atmosphere you want to create. Obviously, it pays to have the best spot in town, but mediocre places can work if you make your restaurant stand out from all the rest. Chose a spot where you know the restaurant will become popular and profitable, and make sure it’s easy to access. Nobody wants to travel up five flights of stairs for a mediocre meal! A good restaurant becomes a great one by following these four steps to success. The food, service, environment, and the location of a restaurant is extremely important to make sure your customers continue to return time and time again!

Healthy snacks

Every day, I see to it that my kid has some healthy snacks. This is because he is a fussy eater! Even though he’s very fussy it is easy to impress him, and one of the simple foods that he loves most is popcorn. Every time I cook some popcorn, he will ask if it’s possible for me to put it in a large bowl so that he can have plenty of it while having his homeschooling break. Sometimes he eats popcorn whenever he is watching his favorite cartoon shows. He loves to have some butter on his popcorn, but since he is allergic to regular butter, I always use soy butter. I will then mix it with salt to taste. He says that popcorn is not only yummy but it is also a healthy snack compared to eating junk food.

Now, making popcorn would have been so much harder for me before, but right now, I can say that that it is so easy to pop some popcorn whenever I need to, and that is with the help of popcorn machines. I love the idea of having one at home, because it is simple to use and I can easily have some fresh healthy popcorn anytime I want to. These popcorn machines are so convenient.

For those who are curious about what popcorn machine I have, just Click here for more products. I am sure you will be amazed with what you will discover. Just like me, I am amazed with the machines and I am delighted to have one in my house. My family loves popcorn a lot and now that I have one of these machines, I can easily make it for them fresh anytime they want it. They love to have fresh popcorn and I do not blame them because when it’s fresh it’s the yummiest of all!

Want to have split w/o the banana

Early morning, I had a banana split in which my husband bought from DQ yesterday. And since I didn’t like banana, I just ate the toppings and other ingredients. It’s yummy and I wanted to eat more. Wish I can just drive over at DQ and will order split without a banana if it’s possible. WEEE! Anyway, here’s my photo of it!


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