Drug rehabilitation

Too much of everything is bad. It will lead to addiction and other problems. Just like when a person is into excessive using of any drugs, the result is that he will be dependent on it. With that dependence, he needs to put himself in good drug rehabilitation so there will be some professional health practitioners and workers that will help him with his addiction problems.

And if he is addicted with methadone and can find a good rehabilitation, methadone withdrawal will be easy. Too much on this opiate med can lead into methadone addiction. So, as early as possible, if he is addicted to this thing, it is always wise to seek medical treatment. Another meds that is dangerous for addiction is heroin. As what is known by Wikipedia it is also named as diamorphine which is also an opioid drug (such as morphine). And again, just like the previous med, this thing will lead into heroin addiction if a person is overdosing himself with it.

At any rate, when any of the people you know have addictions and want some help, it is prudent that you will also do your part in helping him find a good rehabilitation center so that he can live a full life addiction free.

Blood patch to cure epidural aches

I think that the man who assisted me during my outpatient surgery bought his uniform at I presumed that he enjoy the nursing scrubs on sale promos.

Anyway, this guy was being called by the anesthesiologist and the other nurse to help extract blood on my left arm. He poked me eight times then, but he wasn’t able to extract any blood because he said that my veins were dry. So, the anesthesiologist just asked the other nurse to stop the IVTT which was placed on my right arm and extract blood there. It should be at least 20cc but since my vein was so dry, they were able to extract 10cc each. After which the anesthesiologist did the blood patch at my back to cure my epidural aches. With that 10cc of blood, I was already hurting so I asked to stop the blood patch but they said it was not enough because usually they will have at least 20cc and up for a blood patch. I said that 10cc was better than nothing at all. And within minutes, blood patch worked wonder. It healed my head aches and the pain on my back neck was fading slowly. Though, I need to be careful not to strain myself within 24-48 hours to avoid bleeding. Blood patch was a bit painful because it was another epidural thing but it worked wonder.


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