Bowl For Success—Scholarship Opportunities in College Bowling

Are you a strong high school bowler who wants eventually to go to college? If you are, you may want to consider an option many don’t even realize exists: bowling scholarships. Although we tend to think of basketballs, baseballs, and footballs in terms of college scholarships, a bowlingball can pay for your education just as well if you know how go about it. Here are a few tips on college bowling scholarships that could pay off –literally—as you or your kid prepares to apply for college.

Get Into League Play

Many experts agree the best place to start looking for college money in bowling is in your local league play. Many of these organizations at the local and state levels have money set aside for scholarships and you (or your kid if a parent is reading this) need to be involved to be considered. Keep in mind, these scholarship committees will usually be looking at academic performance, community service, and other factors in addition to bowling prowess, so applicants need to be well-rounded candidates for serious consideration.

NCAA and Other Scholarships

In the NCAA, the prospects are far better for women student bowlers than men. There are currently 43 member schools in the NCAA that offer women’s bowling scholarships (in Division 1 and 2). Only two schools within the NCAA offer scholarships in bowling for men. Still, there are a lot of options for the men in other organizations. The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) offers a host of financial assistance for bowlers, both men and women, and 24 NJCAA schools have bowling teams. The catch is that the NJCAA doesn’t offer sports scholarships, so coaches use other enticements like academic scholarships and other incentives to attract top bowling talent.

Get Educated about Scholarships, then Go Get Your Education

There is a wealth of information available today online to help sort out all the finer points of the opportunities available in bowling scholarships. A search at reveals the top four bowling schools are considered to be Wichita State University; University of Nebraska; New Jersey City University; and Vanderbilt University. Those schools will attract the very best student bowlers, but should be on anybody’s short list to consider.

There is an old joke where somebody asks “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” and they are told, “Practice!” In a similar vein, the surest way to get a bowling scholarship is through practice, practice, practice. Novice bowlers all the way through top pros will find all their bowling supplies—and more—available at

Angel for the baby

Thanks to the heroic catch of the airport guard to a baby that fall from the table – Seeing the video I was like, OMG, that person was the Angel of the baby at that moment. I could say that God is always good all the time and anywhere. God bless that guard and that baby.

TrueCar Businessweek

There are several reasons why you might need to find information about a company. For example, if you’re in the job market, you want to know as much as you can about prospective employers before an interview, and consumers like to research products and services before they buy. The type of information you can find about a company depends in part on whether it’s a public or a private company.

A private company doesn’t sell shares publicly and it isn’t registered with the NYSE, so sometimes it’s difficult to glean much information beyond the name, physical address, phone number and web address. What you find above the information that a private company chooses to divulge on their website is based on searching online databases. The fact that a company is privately held doesn’t necessarily mean anything sinister. It simply means that they have no need or desire to sell shares to the public; many fine and upstanding businesses are private companies. Publicly held companies are held to a different standard of transparency. They must register with the Stock Exchange and file financial reports to the SEC on a quarterly basis. Depending on the industry, they may also have to register with other governing boards that regulate companies in their sphere. All of this information is freely available to the general public from a variety of sources.

Some other differences between public and private companies are:

1. The number of members. Private companies can consist of as little as two people, where public companies must have at least seven members. Public companies can have as many members as they want, but private companies are limited to 50 current members, total.

2. The number of directors. The minimum number for a public company is three directors, for a private company, it’s only two. There are also legal restrictions in the appointment of directors of public companies.

3. Public companies must have a formal statutory meeting and file a report on that meeting with the register.

4. Managers of public companies can’t by paid more than 11 percent of the company’s net profits; there are no restrictions on private company management remuneration.

Some places to look for information on any type of corporate entity include search engine listings, social networking sites, industry association listings and corporate review sites. There are websites that are similar to social networking sites and are predominately used for listing information about companies and business persons of interest. These sites are used mainly for the purposes of expanding business contacts; call them social networking sites for businesses, if you will.

TrueCar Businessweek is an example of the kind of information you can find about private or public companies on websites that specialize in listing corporate profiles. This particular listing provides an overview of a private company that provides a service to a specific consumer niche: new car buyers. The information lets potential readers know the type of information they can find in this online publication, the physical location of its headquarters, the phone number and web address and the year the company was founded. It also lists news articles that mention the company, so you can browse and read further on your own.

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The best day ever

I am going to make my day as my best day ever! This would be my motto in my life. The present is my only gift from God in which I can share it with my family as well as with my friends and acquaintances. And I do not want to miss any seconds of it by doing and thinking negative things. I do love my present coz I believe it would be the reason for my happiest and prosperous future. With God’s blessings, today is my best day ever!

5 Things To Look For Before Purchasing A House

Buying a house is a big financial step. Building your own little house, on your own block of land, is all part of the Australian dream. Home builders like Coral Homes make it a daily habit to turn dreams like this into reality. However, if you can’t – or don’t want to – build your house from scratch, then it’s important you thoroughly inspect your potential new home: the last thing you’d want is to be confronted with sudden (and expensive) surprises after you’ve already signed the contract, and footed the bill. To help you make the right purchase, and to help prevent you from ever feeling even a tinge of buyers remorse, take note of these 5 things to look for before committing to buying a home.

1. Check the ceilings are not sagging.

Before signing on the dotted line, and owning a new home, look up at the ceiling inside the house. If you find that it’s sagging or drooping in any way, either ask for it to be repaired, or look elsewhere. (You can use a torch to help you see any protrusions.) A sagging ceiling can ultimately collapse if not fixed. And installing a new ceiling is not cheap. Also, living in a home without a ceiling for any amount of time isn’t pleasant at all, and so it’s best to avoid being in this situation if you can.

2. Check for cracks on walls.

If you find any cracks that are greater than 2mm in width, you should be concerned. This is a red herring that something structurally may be very wrong. And fixing something that’s structurally wrong is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating indeed. Avoid like the plague.

3. Check for mold in the bathroom.

Not only is mold unsightly, but it could signal something much more problematic, such as a water leak from a nearby pipe. You’ll need to cut out the entire section of wall that’s affected, and then possibly fix your pipes. Not an easy job at all. Check for mold first and you should be okay.

4. Check for water stains.

Water stains are costly to repair. In the same way that mold can signal something wrong behind the walls, a water stain suggests that something is leaking and you may need to cut open the wall to find out. Make sure you do a full, preliminary inspection of the house you’re thinking of buying to ensure that no sneaky water stained walls are around any corner in your home.

5. Check the inside of roof gutters.

Even aluminum gutters – which are corrosion resistant and fair well under the elements – can deteriorate over time. Have a look on the roof of your prospective home, and make sure the gutters are in decent condition before handing over all your money. This will save you money in having to install new guttering.

Choosing the right home for you and your family is not easy. It often involves months of research, tons of in-house visits, and lots of talking on the phone: to the agent, to your significant other, and to your bank. Keep the above 5 things in mind when you’re about to purchase your home. And hopefully you’ll make a decision you’re proud of for many years to come.

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Drones – unmanned robots for delivery

Have you read the – and watch its video? If not yet, you better check it out. The drone is so cute flying in the air and delivered a package. If I read it right, the news said that it will be this 2015 that amazon will try out to deliver package through drones – unmanned robot. I hope I am one who will be chosen to receive a package and the robot will land at my yard. It would be so cool mostly when I will receive a package as a gift even if I would not have an order. He-he!

Field trip – ice skating

There will be some sort of field trip this week. I did not sign up yet but I will surely sign up for it since it will just be within the city of where I am living. I hope my homeschool kid will enjoy this so called ice skating for the whole school. I cannot join him in the skating rink since I need to be with my baby girl. But even if there would be someone who will attend to my baby girl, I will still not join him since I do not know how to use the ice skate. He-he-he!

This was taken at Pueblo Ice Arena last year’s field trip (2012). I will be posting new photos then for ice skating 2013.


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