Prayers and blessings to all

Today, it smells smoke near our place. I hope that the black forest wildfire here in the springs will be put off and so that there will be no other damages for those who are living in that place. I pray that everyone is safe. I know God is watching over them and everything will be fine with them. God bless everybody!

Renovation Nightmare

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

In retrospect, perhaps renovating our entire downstairs the month before we hosted Christmas at our house was not the best idea. My mom is the one who suggested it because she knew we were looking for ways to Save Electricity and our windowed-front paneling on the house was just sucking the electricity out when we had the heat on. Great idea, mom. Now we’re standing up to our ankles in sawdust and the bathroom is totally unusable and there are 11 people coming to stay with us starting next week. Oy vey. I don’t know how my husband talked me into going through with this and though I am really, really excited about what it’s going to look like when it’s done I am sick and tired of contractors just not showing up at all. I thought for the longest time we’d be done before the holidays but when December 1st rolled around that became a pipe dream. At this rate I’m not so sure we’re going to be finished by Easter! I really love my family and it’s going to be great to spend time with them but I’m going back and forth with myself on whether it’s totally inappropriate to ask them all to stay in a hotel if I pay for it. I just worry that between the mess and the dogs and the contractors that are bound to show up the second we sit down to open gifts I’m going to lose my mind, you know? Holidays are stressful enough without all this other junk piled on top but at the end of the day I keep reminding myself I did all this to myself and I have no one to blame but me. In the pursuit of the perfect, energy-efficient house I totally ripped up my perfectly fine kitchen and made my home into a mess. I think I should have told my mom she had to host the holidays since this was all her idea but she would never have agreed to that!

First time at Manitou and near the North Pole

It was my first time driving in going to Manitou Springs, Colorado today.  I tried to test if I it was okay for me to drive in a road that was not familiar to me.  Thanks God, my kids and I were safe.  I tried to check the North Pole if I could see it without using my GPS.  Anyway, we will be visiting and seeing Santa when I have spare savings for entrance fee.

Today’s Fun

I have so much fun today with my friend. I would like to say thank you to her for bringing me to that shopping center wherein I was able to shop for kitchen utensils (at bed bath and beyond for the first time). I hope we will have more time to explore the place in the coming days. Anyway, I am thankful to God for the safe and fun adventure.

My netbook is missing

My small netbook is missing. I hope that my bb girl did not throw it last weekend in the garbage as I threw bags of garbage last Sunday. I did not have anything there except my face book account. However, my point is that I work hard in purchasing that thing even if it did not reach $100. It is one of my precious remembrances for working online. Anyway, I hope it is just misplaced inside the house. Sigh!

Find Good Real Estate Agents

As for my own points of view, every state here in the US is worth staying, living, and buying properties. Is this what you want to do also? Investing in good properties in a nice place would be a wonderful idea for family’s better future. Properties’ values would surely appreciate as years will pass and now is that time to invest on it. If your budget is okay, and if you want to buy good properties, then you must do it while the price is within your reach.

One of the states that are worth investing with is Arizona. Do you love this state? I am sure you like it in here. The climate in this state is nice. Well, I do love warm climate. Do you love warm climate too? If you do, then this state is nice for you. When you want to invest in here, I hope that you can find a good real estate fountain hills agents who can help you in looking for the properties that you want to buy. You know, asking help from those experts in real estate could surely aid you with your investments. I hope you can find the best properties that you like most!

Wanna buy Louise Hay’s books

What I want to buy if I have enough savings are the books of Louise Hay. She inspires me a lot. Before, I have my favorite authors but then right now everything change. She is the one that help me change my life and my way of life. Every day I am watching her videos in you tube. Thanks to those who uploaded her videos and thanks to her for being so positive in life.


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