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Wohooo! I am so excited with my recent purchase. Do you want to know what this is? Okay, I want to be back with making some needle works. This is one of my therapies, like in making some crafts. I cannot wait to start my new project. And I know I can sell this thing whenever I can finish one. This will be additional income for me in the coming days. Thank you God!

Belt on the foot

The one who will wake up early will catch good graces but the one who will wake up late will catch a belt on the toe.  Yes, like when a baby will bring a belt and will play with it, the one that is sleeping still will experience the mighty belt.  Nyahaha!

Beautiful day – a gift from God

Indeed, it is a beautiful day today. It is so nice to hear the tweets of the birds outside! Thank you Lord, God for a better and peaceful day. I hope to be productive today. I know I am a better me with the positive thoughts that I have. Please be with me in my journey towards being a better me. I want to live a life that is free from negativity so that I can create a happy and living family with a peaceful home that is full of Love. Amen!

High techs and gadgets

Oh, it is so amazing how the wonder of high technologies and gadgets these days! There are so many advantages of these things. One of the advantages is bringing the people around the globe closer together. But then there are people also who feel like they are less important than these material things. Take a lot at this link from yahoo – It seemed that there are some or most of the people are already hook with high techs and gadgets. Is it called addiction or something? Well, I think it is the concerned persons know what they are feeling about high techs and gadgets vs. the people in their lives.

Christian Rehab Center

It is not easy when you are battling addictions. It affects every aspect of a person’s life – from family, to work, and everything in between. This is the reason why it is always good to avoid any possibility of developing an addiction to anything, like alcohol, drugs and the like. Freeing one’s self from an addiction requires help from family and friends, but especially a good rehabilitation center. A person who has an addiction needs to have the proper support and encouragement and know that there is nothing that’s impossible, especially when there is a need for healing.

When discussing drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and any other types of addiction and rehab, there is a great center that will not only help a person with their addiction through medical means, but also through spiritual means, and that center is the christian drug rehab center. These christian alcohol rehab centers have expert and professional personnel who can assist the individual needs of the one being treated for addiction. Finding a christian drug rehab can do wonders for a person who wants healing both physically and spiritually. One you might want to check into is Pacific Hills which have excellent programs available!

When there is a need to help someone you know, be it a friend or relative, you must let them know about these good rehab centers. Maybe you could also Tweet this so that others will know that Christian rehab centers do exist, for those who want total healing from their addiction. You know, there is always a time for healing and a time for change, and now is the right time to help others. If you are the one who needs healing from an addiction that you have, then again, act right now and be healed from whatever it is that you have a hard time letting go of. If others can do it, so can you! It is just a matter of willingness and acceptance of the fact that you need healing and the help of others with your addiction. It is always best to live a life that is free from any addiction. Make yourself happy and make everyone around you, and live a better life – an addiction free life!

Thank you

Actually I do not want to put my author name on my post. But if you need it then I will put it. Anyway, thank you so much for all the blessings that you have given me. I appreciated it much. I hope that you will be blessed with more so that you can continue in giving more blessings to all people around the globe. God bless always!


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