Do not know how to restore it

It is so frustrating right now! I erased the drafts that I made a while ago I did not know that I cannot recover it anymore. I cannot do anything about it except to write something all over again. Why oh why? I do not know how to restore the good feature of my MSWORD 2010. GRRR!

Stay safe in a crowd

As human beings we often seek out the comfort of others. This is the reason why many of us are just a little uncomfortable being home alone at night, or crossing an empty parking lot in the dark. While being surrounded by other people can bring a sense of comfort, it can also be potentially dangerous. Many of us are aware that random acts of violence such as gang violence, terrorism or crowd stampedes do occur. In order to stay safe in a crowded situation it is important to always remain calm and be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to those around you, are they doing or acting in any way that seems suspicious? If you do see something that is suspicious, be sure to alert the proper authorities who can help in the situation. When entering a room always scan the area and prepare an exit strategy that you can utilize in a potential emergency. Look around, are there any other potential exits to take if the main one is blocked. If you do have to leave a crowded area in an emergency be sure to remain calm, and move slowly and a steady pace through the crowd. Do not stop and stand around, in these types of situation it is important to move toward the exits. If you ever encounter a potentially violent situation, apply the motto, “run, hide, fight”. If you cannot escape a situation involving gunfire, make sure to hide behind large heavy objects that can protect you. Fighting back should be the final course of action if no other alternative is possible. Only when you are in a safe place, is the time to help others. Never assume that someone else will offer to help out. By staying calm, vigilant and collected, anyone can stay safe in an emergency situation.

A good website

Upon reading the review by Consumer Search, I have known that a classic brand in the world of baby carriers, the Moby wrap provides comfort and support for your baby when you are on the go. Take a look at this classic brand here. So, when you want to know more about the must buy baby carriers, just visit this site. In addition, this site has lot of information on just anything you want to discover. Moreover, this is from “home and garden, kitchen and food, family and pets, fitness and sports, automotive, and many more.

When you want to know more before buying anything, just visit this site anytime you need to. Sure, you will be amazed with whatever you want to discover. In addition, if you want to share some information on the products that you have tried so that others will also know, I think you can do so. You can check on the “collect, analyze, and recommend” part of this good website.

Hope to receive more

Last night I had a headache, so the result was that I was so grouchy. I slept early then and when I woke up during dawn, I thought it was already morning time. When I got up, it was still around almost 3am. Since I was not that sleepy, I tried to update few of my sites and make few offers for my lonely blogs. Anyway, hope to receive more blessings as I need it most.

Scion FR-S

I have been thinking about getting a new car for awhile, but I am not sure of what car to get. Well, I have noticed that the Scion cars are really fantastic looking and so far I think I would like to get one of these cars over any other car on the market. Although Scion makes various cars, they actually have a few new models that are currently available on the market that have to be seen to be believed. Just recently Scion has come out with the 2013 Scion FR-S which is really a great looking sports car that actually has many great features of earlier Toyota performance racers.

The 2013 Scion is a sports car that has 200 horse power and 151 lbs of torque and is available in various colors including raven, asphalt, ultramarine, firestorm, hot lava, argento and whiteout. I personally like the Ultramarine which is a blue color as well as firestorm which is a bright red color that just looks amazing. As I mentioned before, this vehicle is actually available right now and if you do not have one, now would be a great time to look for one, they really are amazing, I highly encourage that you check them out today you will really like this car.

Taking fotos instead

Since the network scanner wasn’t working last night, I just took some photos of the things that I need to scan. I just made sure that it was clear enough for the person who will receive it to read. It was the cut off earlier and it’s the reason why I didn’t sleep again when I wasn’t able to email it to her. Hope that thing will work! Sigh!


One of my friends asked me about what WP plugins I am using for my blogs. My answer to her was not much and it’s the truth. I am just comfy with few plugins. One of my plugins is from back links on where I can have some blessings with it every month. For me, if I will earn from it, then I will have it. And if I like it, I will use that particular plugin.

Creating a Pretty, Feminine Bedroom

Whether for yourself or your daughter, nothing feels more relaxing and inspiring than a pretty, feminine bedroom. Floral bedding and lush canopies combined with pretty pastels and soothing neutrals combine to create a bedroom retreat that you or your daughter of any age is sure to enjoy waking up to each morning.

Creating a feminine oasis is one of the easiest bedroom styles to pull together. The popularity of floral-themed bedding and canopies over beds means you have an array of items to choose from. If creating a room for a young child, combine large florals with pretty pink sheets. Add matching curtains in a solid or coordinating stripe, and pair it with crisp white furniture for a youthful feel that is oh so feminine. If creating a space for yourself or an older child, use a base of soft neutrals with warm-white furniture and softly colored sheets, blankets and window coverings. Consider adding floral-trimmed bedding with a Victorian or French-country flair. In rooms for all ages of girls, topping the look off with a pretty canopy is the perfect finishing touch. Bedroom canopies can be found in a variety of styles, from soft and sheer to more lush, rich fabrics. Both work equally well when creating a feminine space.

A lovely, feminine room is every girl’s dream, and with the selection of bedding, window coverings and furniture available today, it is possible for you to create the look on any budget. From soft florals to whimsical decor inspired by a time gone by, many styles combine to create the ultimate girl’s bedroom.


Still having high fevers

I thought my kids are feeling okay today. But then, they still have high fevers. My eldest kid is having this for more than 3 days now and my baby girl is almost 3 days already. I need to visit set for pediatrician appointment for both of them tomorrow. Hope their health will be back to normal soon. How I wish I am the one who’s feeling the high fevers.

Seniors deserve good housing options

The tradition in my country is that everyone is always taking care of their elders. This is because the family ties are close to each other and all is living next doors or in the nearby cities. With this, everyone is looking forward for their senior days and experience the care of their children and grandchildren for they say that it is always nice to be loved and cared by those younger generations.

Here in the US, there is another way of showing the love and care for elders. And that is to prepare or give them the housing options for seniors. Providing housing option is not because there are no close family ties or no one is living nearby but it’s because life in the US is so much different. Everyone needs to have their independence and their own privacy, so it is one of the reasons why they prefer to have housing care for seniors. Although, there are some who prefers to have their seniors to stay in their place but then most of these elders will ask their children that if possible they can still have their own despite of their age.

Giving good housing options for seniors will be great gifts to those valued parents or even grandparents. It is kind of rewards for them with doing great works in taking care of everyone else during their younger days.

Now, do you have parents or grandparents whom you love most? Do you want to give them housing options that will make them comfortable during their old days? If you want to give them their comforts and assurance for living, hope you can find a good center or housing for them to feel loved and cared. Life is short and it’s best to value everyone else today!


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