Top Dangerous Ways to Get Fast Cash

Getting fast cash can be tricky and make you lose  ground when it comes to making the right decision. There are many ways to get it and you can gain online access to many of them including payday loans, credit card applications, and others get from a direct lender. However, getting fast cash usually encloses a danger that you might not be aware of, usually in the form of an excess indebtedness that later may can be truly hard to leave behind, as you will see now.

Getting a Payday Loan

Payday loans are short-term loans that you can borrow with ease  without having to undergo a credit check or being required to fax any  document to get your application approved. However, what payday loan  lenders will never tell you is that they charge the highest interest  rates when compared with other types of loans that you could get. This  is the reason why payday loans are considered among the top dangerous  ways to get fast cash.

Taking “Advantage” of Cash Advances

Cash advances should not be confused with cash advance loans that is  another brand name touted to sell payday loans. By cash advances we mean  the money that you can borrow directly from your credit cards.  Actually, most credit companies and bank institutions allow credit card  holders to withdrawn money from any ATM, thus the name cash advance, but  this money generates additional interest, which are summed up to the  interest rate that you already pay for your credit cards.

Becoming an “Expert” Investor

While payday loans are backed by your paycheck and credit cards rely  on a credit limit set based on your credit history and payment  capability, to become an investor you need financial knowledge and a  stash of money to play with. This fast cash solution could be a great  idea if you would only have both of the said requirements, but the  danger is in getting enrolled in opportunities such as High Yield  Investment Programs (HYIP) that are often scams or play investing in  Forex or mutual funds that involve a high investing risk.

It Is True! Love Hurts

Many people think that the best solution to  avoid payday loans and other fast cash solutions is look back at family  members that are able to lend money without asking too much in return,  and sometimes nothing. However, it is a very dangerous idea to look at  because love money, as this type of loan is financially called, may  deteriorate your relationship and even jump with the surprise that a  family member may ask for collateral or you to sign blank check to  guarantee debt repayment. A family member or friend may even state, “pay  when you can”, but the relationship could be become strained until you  pay the debt.

Taking Out Twisted Solutions

The World Wide Web comprises so many surprises that it would be hard  to enumerate all what you can find around, but among the top dangerous  ways to get fast cash, borrowing money from individuals that you do not  know and that are not licensed lenders can cause you so many financial  headaches that you might end up wishing to have looked at the costly  payday loans first.

Reading good articles

Oh, I just love what I am reading right now. These are self-help articles towards having peace of mind and developing good habits that will lead me to being a better me, (I hope). Anyways, things are just simple and I hope to apply these in my daily life. No one can do these things except me and there is no harm in trying these. I know I can do these things.

For a good heart

“A person’s heart is like a field; if no good seeds are sown, nothing good will grow.” I do not know who the author of this saying is but this is true. If a person will not have good things in her heart, then, definitely she will not grow to be a good one. In order to be good, to have good things in life, and to grow maturely good, she needs to put good things in her heart so that it will be visible in her life.

Hardwood Flooring

I do love hardwood flooring more than any other types of flooring. This is what my parents use in their home. I do love cleaning this type of flooring. It is easy to clean up and only requires floor polish to maintain its shine. When I am with my parents, I always do clean the floor every day. I would see to it that it is dust free and it is always shiny. I always hear some jokes that the flies will slide upon landing on the floor because I am so particular with cleanliness. Fortunately, having a clean place forever comforts me. I would feel better if the place that I am living is clean, well arrange, and dust free.

With the house of my own family right now, if I can just replace the flooring, I would surely choose the finest brands in hardwood flooring. I think using this would give everyone else a little savings. With carpeted floor, I find it hard to clean since I need to have a good vacuum in which right now I need to buy a new one. Another thing is that the shampoo and the shampooer would cost a lot. If I can upgrade my family’s house flooring, I would rather choose hardwood.

Give a hug and comfort someone today

I love this sayings “A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart.” This is true. Sometimes, all we need is a little hug to make us feel better. Even if there is no words, for as long as someone is hugging us for few minutes, that will make wonder for us. Now, have you tried hugging someone today? give a hug and you will receive one!

When is it Time to Retire?

We spend the majority of our lives working to provide for ourselves and our families. Day in and day out, we go to work and put in our time. We go through good times and bad times at work, but after a while, it becomes almost all we know. We delay early retirement sometimes, but when is it exactly time to retire?

When you spend most of your life working, the idea  of walking away and relaxing in a lounge chair for good can be difficult  to wrap your mind around. But the truth is that you probably don’t want  to work forever. You want to be able to retire at some point so you can  spend time with the family, pursue other passions, and finally enjoy  all the fruits of your labor.

But how can you know when it’s actually time to  retire? If you walk away too soon, you might find yourself unable to get  back into the workforce should you have the itch to start working again  or if you find yourself in a financial bind.

Timing is everything with retirement. Here are 5 ways you can tell it’s really the right time to retire.

  1. You’re set financially—When  you retire, you’ll need to have enough money to be able to live  comfortably throughout your retirement years. If you’ve done a good job  of planning and saving for retirement, you should already have a good  idea of how much money you’ll need to maintain a good standard of living  as a retiree. Many banks and financial institutions offer retirement  calculators to help you better understand just how much you’ll need if  you want to retire with a sound financial foundation.
  2. You’re ready to walk away for good—Retiring  isn’t all about having enough money. Some people have plenty of money  saved up for retirement, but they just aren’t ready to stop working. If  you’re not really sure you’re ready to retire, you might regret the  decision to do so later on. Make sure you really are ready to give up  your work life before you make that jump.
  3. Your health is on the decline—If  you’re still a very healthy individual nearing retirement age, you may  be able to work a few more years without it cutting into your life as a  happy retiree. However, if your health is on the decline and you have  things you want to do after retirement, delaying your retirement could  foil those plans. Consider your health and life expectancy seriously so  you know the right time to retire.
  4. Your spouse wants it—If  you’re in a financially stable position and you’re contemplating  retirement, it’s important to speak to your spouse about it. You want to  be on the same page. If your spouse is pulling for you to retire, it  might be time to make the decision. You’re a team, and it’s important to  enter retirement as a strong team.
  5. You have plans—What  are you going to do after you stop working? If you don’t have any real  plans, you might not be ready to retire. But if you have something you  want to do—like travel, get involved in charity, pursue a hobby, or just  spend more time with the family—you’re likelier to enjoy your time as a  retiree.

Retiring isn’t an easy decision for many people.  But if you’re considering it and you see any of these signs, it might be  time to ride off into the sunset.

Cross stitching

Right now, I want to go back to my first love form of art – the cross-stitching. I can remember that my last finished cross-stitch was year 2004. I gave it to my husband because he is my earth angel in an earth angel and that was followed by a black and white image of a girl and then six horses, two bears on a chair. I did not finish the last one I made because I was so busy already. This year, I want to make cross-stitches again.


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