Big help

For me the most amazing award during the Nick kid’s choice award’s night was the BIG HELP award for Taylor Swift. It’s just so amazing of her that she helped those people in need. Wish all wealthy people are like this. If all rich persons will just share their blessings, I bet, the world will be happy.

Family fun time

One of the nicest parks that I’ve visited here in my place is the one that has Portable Bleachers. People can just set anywhere they want whenever these bleachers will be moved for some important events. These bleachers were Aluminum Bleachers and these were durable. The other thing that I liked with this beautiful park was the Pet Waste Stations. This park was clean, it’s pet friendly, and it was safe for kids as well as for adults. Most pet owners had their dogs at dog exercise equipment so that their pets could socialize with other pets. Although, there were some pets which were naughty and chased other pets!  These were just the few places that I visited with my kids.

I hope that in the days to come, I will bring them to beautiful new places so that they can treasure the memories for a lifetime. Whenever I will get old, at least they will be able to remember me through the places that I will introduce to them. I love my family! It is always fun and it will be fun to have a family fun time!

VAIO ciao

Now that I am finished with it, I think it’s time for me to reformat my Sony VAIO core i5. It took me so long in letting go of this laptop since all of my important things are saved in this machine. Since I am done with all of the things that I need to finish and my installers are on my side, I’ve got to start fixing this. Hope this will be functional as I need to give this one to my eldest kid!

Man vs/ Food

This guest post from Margaret Mills

There are a blue million shows on television these days about food and how to cook it and where to get it and how to eat it. One show even shows you how to find food in the wild. The show that I am writing about tonight is definitely wild but it isn’t set in the wild thank goodness. The show I’m talking about is Man Vs. Food. The host of the show travels around the country and around the world if necessary to eat the biggest and the baddest of everything there is to eat I watched a five minute clip of the show and he was eating a two pound hamburger with six slices of cheese, three eggs a whole side of bacon and who knows what else. That is what you call a heart attack on a bun. I am not a huge fan of this show because when the host eats he starts to sweat and then he looks very uncomfortable which makes me feel uncomfortable for him. Check out your guide on TVByDirect to see when it comes on.


They said that every tear are counted by Him above. So I presumed that my tears are also Continue reading

Wellness drink

I know that having a good health is one of the priorities that you have in life. As what the sayings says that health is wealth and it is for always. That’s because getting sick is one big medical bills in which there are other insurances which will not cover all things plus the medicines. To maintain a good health, you already know what to do – eating good foods, daily exercises, taking vitamins, and other health supplements.

Speaking of health supplements, have you heard about Nopalea? Okay, this Nopalea contains “scientifically proven rare and potent antioxidant” that’s good for the body. It says that this will help “reduce body cell inflammation”. This will also cleanse body’s toxins and thus, promote good health, plus a lot more.

Now, if this is your first time of hearing about this, I’d suggest that you will visit This company is in the business for 12 years now and this means reliability and good business. Anyway, if you will visit, don’t forget to check for their freebies on where you can try their Nopalea without any cost. All you have to do is to pay the shipping fee. For more information about this wellness drink, you can all at 1-800-203-7063.

Changing Times

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

I grew up in Springfield, but things have changed in the last 40 years. When I was a kid we could all play in the streets and not worry about anything. We would all leave our doors unlocked, and the community was really close. Everyone knew everyone else, and we all felt safe here. It was a friendly Midwestern American City. Springfield has grown so much over the years that I feel like I live in a different town now. It is still safe here, but I don’t know all of my neighbors, and you never know who is moving in and out. We still let our kids play outside, but I always keep an eye on them from the kitchen window. There has also been a few break-ins in our neighborhood, which was unheard of in the past. That really scared us, and showed us how much things have changed. My husband and I even looked into alarm systems springfield to see if we should get one. We decided against it for now, but maybe in the next few years we will feel the need for one.

Big play pen

I love this 36 x 36 playpen.

Translation services

I have lots of friends who are in different part of the globe these days. Others are working while there are some who went there for good in order for them to have their own family and be with their men whom they love and whom who love them. For those friends of mine who travelled to a country with different language, their only choice is to study and learn the native language step by step. Others went to school while few prefer to have their learning over the internet.

And when they need certified translations, all they have to do is to contact those who are capable in giving this. For them, it’s not that hard in finding certified translation services because it’s just around their town and most of all over the internet that they can have this type of language translation services. They said that these companies will also help in official translations with a fee that’s within their budget. And they are also enjoying notarized translations and many more.

With their experiences abroad, they said that it’s not that hard when a person wants to learn new languages. It’s just that a person should be willing to learn and open herself to any good possibilities in learning new things for the goodness of life.

Lovely autos

These photos show Corvette and Camaro in a row. These cars also have one thing in common, both red in colors! Lovely autos!


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