Just having fun

I am just having fun taking photos of this dried grape vine. I have this one since last year and I didn’t throw it. I just love its unique form.

Wanna test it

As I am used of hearing commands from my husband and two of my driving instructors, I hope I will not be too hesitant in driving alone. Mostly, at the intersection, I will always wait until I will hear go or pull a little bit to go left or right. Today, I am excited to test my DL and see if I can drive at the road safely. I also need to do lots of groceries for the family. Hope I can drive alone safely without just staring at the stop lights. He-he!

Hope everything will be okay

I was so depressed for the past days and it resulted that I let go most of the advertisers’ offers. After doing that thing, it’s like I felt more depressed thinking that I will not be earning something for this week from those offers that should be mine. But I can’t turn back things the way I want to. Past belongs to the past. What I am going to do today is to be good and to make good with the hope that everything will be okay.

Investing on precious metals

What you will do today, will always affect your life tomorrow. As much as possible, it is advisable that you will only make the most relevant choices and the most positive decisions in life so that when tomorrow comes, your life will somehow be positive and filled with good things. Just like when it comes to investing on something. Deciding on investing on things on which the value will always appreciate as time goes by will always be saving something valuable for future use.

One of the things that are worth investing is to buy silver bullion and gold. As you know already that these metals are precious and prices will be double and or even tripled in years to come. When you will take a look at silver price today, and what if you will purchase or invest on it, surely, it’s always worth your money. And, much more, when you will invest on any form of gold (gold bullion, jewelry, gold coins, etc.), your money will surely grow in the near future.

Right now, it is your decision and it is your choice of buying things that will fascinate you but with value that will depreciate OR you will invest on precious things that will surely double or triple your money tomorrow or in the coming years. Listening to advises is always good but without putting it into action is just a waste of time and waste of resources. So, hope that when you will spend your money on material things, it will always create satisfaction in your part not just for the present time, but, for your future and for your family’s future as well. Come to think of it that when you will invest on gold and silver, this will be a good inheritance for your kids and families.

My Own Policy

Be humble – don’t boast

Be humble in whatever you do. Don’t boast on anything since everything in this life is just borrowed and temporary. Be proud of whatever good achievements and good works. Appreciate whatever small things that you have in your life right now because someday you will know that small things are the ingredients why you are blessed with wealth and richness in life.

First snow

October 08, 2011 was the first snow. But it wasn’t that plenty though. And it wasn’t that cold either!


The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

My roommate Mary Grace is coupon crazy. She has a Sunday morning ritual of buying multiple papers and clipping all the coupons, organizing them in her coupon carrier and then heading to the grocery store. She always comes back with a ton of groceries and proudly tells me she only spent something like 10 dollars while getting 70 dollars worth of groceries. She’s also obsessed with checking the mail each day to see which coupons have come from the mailing lists she’s on. I knew that it was only a matter of time before her coupon craze began affecting me, and yesterday it happened. Mary Grace came to me and said she was unhappy with our satellite internet provider and that she felt like she could get us a better deal. I told her I was fine with her looking around for something better, I just didn’t have the time to do it. It took her less than an hour before she was showing me She showed me that she had figured out exactly what kind of service we needed and that we could get it for less money with Wild Blue. Being the easygoing person that I am, I told her I was onboard and she got started on the process of switching us over. I’m happy Mary Grace can enjoy herself and save us money, but I’m left wondering what she’ll think of next.

Puss ‘n Boots

This is a talking puss ‘n boots (Spanish and English language)! One of the toys of my eldest kid which was being given by his eldest brother and ex-wife! Anyway, I thought before that the name of this one was boozing boots. When I tried to check for the right name, I was surprised that it’s puss ‘n boots.

In buying clothes and accessories

Every person has different taste when it comes to buying clothes and accessories. Others will look for the brands of clothing that they are fun of buying and there are some who will go for their favorite colors with whatever available brand. There are also people who are concern with the styles of their clothing and accessories. But one thing that is in common and that is to look for the right sizes for a good fit.

For those plus sizes people, of course, after searching for the right colors, styles, and brands, they will look for the plus size clothes that will surely fit them. Besides, size of anything will always count first and foremost. No matter what will be the price of the goodies, as long as it will have the exact fit just like the plus sizes, then I am hundred percent sure that a person who needs it will surely buy it.

So, how about you? What’s your concern when you are shopping for your clothes (and accessories)? Are you concern of the style, colors, sizes, quality, or price?

Anyway, whatever thing that you need, I know you will be happy with whatever choices that you will be making because I believe that you will not buy those things that you will not use.

The convenience of having credit cards

In these modern days, there are lots of things that will make everyone’s life much easier. Often times, people will say that these moments are the plastic era. And that means it’s an era of Credit Card Payment Processing with any purchases in stores or in any online purchases.

Having credit card is so convenient. It will be like having lots of money but without the hassle of carrying it in bag, wallet, or in a pocket. Also credit card is sign of trustworthiness. And a credit card holder has the sense of being responsible, dependable, and reliable enough to have one. This is so because entrusted to have credit line and paying the credits on time is much needed so that a person can maintain his or her good credit history in which it is so important here in the US.

As for me, I have a MasterCard (solo) and a visa card (joint account). With these things, I can just buy any goodies I want and or need but I am limiting myself to those things in which I can’t live without. I just don’t want to be extravagant and suffer with having big debts in the future. Going back to credit card and credit card payment processing, I do admire these convenience in life. And I love doing shopping at those stores which offer and will accept credit card payments.


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