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I was trying to figure out why there was this thing “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” in one of my hosted blogs. I admit that I was not a techie person coz the only thing that I knew were the things that I’ve came across in the past and in the present. If I will not experience such thing, meaning, I didn’t have any knowledge about it. Since I didn’t have any knowledge, I was just researching and reading those blog posts of other bloggers. Seemed those things were nice and it’s applicable with their site problems.

But I knew that my problem with this blog was different.

First: I thought that it’s because of plugins. So, I opened the File Manager, WP-content, then, the plugins folder. After that, I deleted those plugins except the AKISMET. But it’s not working still.
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National volunteer appreciation week

Are you aware of the National volunteer appreciation week this 2012? If yes, would it be nice when you will share your customized gifts for this event?

If you are not aware yet of the exact date for this National Volunteer appreciation week, then, I am going to tell you that this event will be this April 10 – 16 of 2012. It will be less than 200 days from now this appreciation week will take place. And the right time to prepare for this is NOW.

When you are in need of some customized gifts, you can simply place your orders online. All you have to do is to choose the right online store that will give you the quality products that you need. And there are lots of things that you can customize, like some pins, shirts, bags, cards, drink ware, stationery, even foods, delicious treats, and lots more.

As for me, I want to customize some shirts, bags, notepads, and stationery. So, how about you? What items will you choose, customize and give this National volunteer appreciation week? I am sure that when you will give things, it will be of joy to those who will receive it!


Ecclesiastes 2:26 “God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness to those who please Him, but He makes sinners work, earning and saving, so that what they get can be given to those who please Him. It is all useless. It is like chasing the wind.”
Like a gambler, he works, earns, saves and spends in gambling. It is like chasing the wind. He forfeits the wisdom and knowledge that God is capable of giving because he focuses himself on winning. The wisdom to live and knowledge of time he never treasures. He laughs for a moment but he can never have happiness. He deceives himself.

Quality catalog printing

Print Runner has a huge array or printing and Catalog Printing services for individual customers and businesses. Their operation is completely performed at their headquarters in Chatsworth, California with no out-sourcing. For this reason, regardless of your printing project needs, it is guaranteed to fulfill your requirements. This company offers business cards, flyers, postcards, letterheads and envelopes. Rare printing projects can also be created for you, such as DVD covers, car door magnet signs and bumper stickers.

Your design options will be to use a Print Runner template in uploading your personal artwork. The next option is you can have the Print Runner staff customize desired artwork to your specifications. And you can have embossing, foil stamping or die cutting to customize your printing need.

On the other hand, Print Runner is an environmentally friendly company for the reason that it used vegetable based inks. Komori high-efficiency printing presses are used to help the environment, also. This company also has a full mailing service. The staff will mail out the printed work done for you to your customers. It prevents double handling, so it always saves time and expense for you.

So, in my opinion, this company offers quality printing that is at a very reasonable price. It offers a wide range of polished products, and can even mail it out for you. Unlike some printing companies, it is has an environmentally friendly operation. If you have any custom printing, or catalog artwork done by this company, you know it’s done right. All work is done in-house, and is guaranteed.

Employee satisfaction survey

When I was working as a call center agent, we used to have this email survey provided by our company and will be sent to each of our customers after every transaction. The survey will be sent to their email account asking them to rate my service whether they are very satisfied with it or they are not convinced with the quality of my work. The customers were given a chance to rate us from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), they are also allowed to leave their comments or opinions regarding about our service, whether it is a complaint, a commendation or some sort of suggestions to help us improve our services. So aside from the calls being recorded and aside from being monitored by another agent on the line, the feedbacks from these surveys will mark as our scores as well. They will all be credited or accounted to us. If we got high scores, then definitely we will received an incentive from our boss but if it’s the other way around, then our supervisor will council us, asking us what happened and what are the things I should do to prevent the same type of scenario.

Of course, if the customers can leave their feedbacks about our service, we, employees should be given a chance to rate our employer too. Oh yeah! I know what you’re thinking! It is PAY BACK time indeed (just kidding). Actually it is very ideal from a company to organize such survey to establish a solid relationship between the bosses and the employees. This employee satisfaction survey will help the company to improve their services not just for their costumers but also for their employees. Keep in mind that the productiveness of any employee depends on how inspired and motivated they are. These surveys will give them a chance to raise their concerns regarding about their salary, benefits, insurance, office facilities, supervisor’s treatment and more. It’s more like a part of your monitoring service to your company and to help you solve those issues that are seeking for solutions.

It will…

“If something’s meant to happen, it will happen -right time, right person, and for the best reason.” That is how I perceive about life. I may question why but when time will pass by, I will then know the reason for any things or any events that will confuse me for the present times.

Stop Loss Underwriting

Most companies or employers today operate the so called self-funded health care insurance for their employees. This is where an employer provides health or disability benefits to their employees using their own funds. This is actually a perfect strategy for a company to prevent themselves from paying those monthly premiums for their employees’ health care benefits. This doesn’t mean that they will remove the health care benefits for their employee, it’s just that, unlike those fully insured plans, the employer will only shoulder only those approved insurance claims from their employees.

The coverage, the terms of eligibility and so as the policies are almost similar to those being offered by fully insured plans. It’s true that the money that will be used for this insurance comes from the employer’s own funds but this doesn’t mean that they will shoulder or pay for the whole medical expenses whenever an employee filed an insurance claim. Of course, just like other insurance plans, the employer should also limit their liability by purchasing the so called “Stop loss” insurance from an insurance company or carrier. Stop Loss is actually designed to help protect self-insured employers from absorbing most of the costs associated with such severe events. Most employers used to hire a Third Party Administrator or insurance underwriters if they will operate a self-funded health plan. Their Stop Loss Underwriting team will evaluate the risk and exposures of potential clients. They are the one who decide how much coverage the client should receive and how much they should pay for it. That’s why an Employer should seek for a highly qualified, honest and competent TPA for their company. Employees should look forward to it too to know if the TPA will give them nothing but honest and fair service.

Fill your life with gratitude

“Fill your life with gratitude and everything else shall come to you. Make a listing of all the things that you love about life, before the end of your lists; you would notice the change in your disposition. You will become more in love with life, with the world no matter how imperfect it is.”

I found this nice quotation in one of the FB page of my friends. And so I’ve decided to share it in here. I just find these words so true. There are lots of positive things in life besides complaining and besides trying to see the negative side.

Settlement loans

Just like what others say, there is no such thing as safe road nowadays, whether you are a careful driver or the reckless one, road accident usually occurs in the most unexpected time and place. This is the reason why we have to get an insurance to at least hedge the risk of such a devastating loss. Insurance will cover the rest of repair and medical expenses. We can all be a victim by a vehicular accident and we have to fight our rights for it against to whoever is liable for this case. We have to file a lawsuit against that person to receive the compensation that we deserve and we are entitled to. However, we cannot deny the fact that most car accident lawsuit involves a long term process which takes a lot of time to settle most especially if you are lacking with proper documents to support your claim. This is where the “settlement loans” come in.

Settlement loans or most commonly referred to us as “lawsuit funding” is actually a smart financial move because instead of waiting for the money to arrive from the lawsuit after the accident, the lender will provide you the money that you are aiming for. And now for the most interesting part, settlement loans unlike other loans offer an unusually yet very interesting policy. If you win lawsuit, then that’s the time that you have to pay the lender the amount of money you borrow with the interest rate but if you lose the case, then there’s nothing much to worry about since you do not have to pay them back and it will not affect your credit history as well.

But of course, we do not want to end up having this kind of issues or being involved in a car accident right? So to avoid any worst case scenario, make sure that you drive carefully and always PRAY before you hit the road every day, asking GOD for your safety and to protect you from any harm.


“Whatever you can imagine is waiting for you, fully created in the invisible, and the way you make it visible is to harness the force of love by imagining and feeling what you love.” Is this the same as making things come true by doing the things that you love most? Well, whatever! In life, every things will just come provided a person is working positively for it.


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