Signature sewing machine

This was the sewing machine that I used earlier. I had this like around 2005-2006 when my mother in law gave this to me. For the past days, it gave me uneven stitches and so I let this one rest. This brand is signature sewing machine and I think this is under singer sewing machines but not sure. I love this machine as I can sew thick fabrics (supposedly). Hope this will be of service for me in the coming days.

Waterproof #DollDiapers that fits #BabyAlive, #You&MeDoll, and other 14″ dolls with waistline of 11-12inches

Waterproof #DollDiaper for
And other 14″ Dolls that eat, drink and wet

This is a waterproof #dolldiaper
?Made of?
?PUL on the outside layer
?inner layers:
?absorbent 1 Flannel fabric or Fleece (with 2 layers of absorbent pad [flannel or fleece] in the middle)
?with Stay Dri Wicking Fabric

? Fits on?
Baby Alive Dolls similar to Darce’s Dance Class size
Baby Alive Better Now Bailey Blonde
You & Me 14″ Doll
And other dolls with the waistline until 11-12 inches
It is clean and beautiful

It is clean and beautiful
Machine Washable with Cold or warm water.
Machine dry on low heat (line dry or tumble dry)
But it’s best if it’s just air dry after washing.

This will surely fit your kids’ dolls of up 14″ dolls with waistline until 11-12 inches.

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1966 Barbie vs 2010

I can say that the quality of the toys years ago was very nice and that’s why it lasted until these days. This 1966 Barbie doll was like almost 30 years already since it was the toy of the grand-daughter of my husband and she’s almost 30 years right now. The other Barbie was 2010 and it didn’t have same quality as the 1966 Barbie. And that’s it. Please subscribe my channel! Thanks!

Be the one who finds Gold

Always speak good words to your life and the life of other people especially your own kids. Say to them that they are successful, healthy, happy, loved, wealthy, and even more. Bless their lives with good words because words will always affect the life of everyone especially kids.

I can remember when I was young I used to hear bad words, so I act as if those negative words were true. My life just changed in a twist after hearing good words from an old woman who said to me that I AM THE LUCKY CHILD OF THE FAMILY and that my life will change for the best. Since I am the lucky child of the family, I can help people out. Those simple words of encouragement helped me a lot.

Though right now, I still need some cleansing in my heart and in my mind but at least, I am not the same as before that I was so negative. I also read lots of positive books to help me have a lighter journey in life.

It’s just that I don’t want to hear negative words from people. It gets in my nerves as it will bring back hurtful memories that I have had in life.

Why is it that it’s easy to say negative words compare to saying positive? Why is it that it’s easy to degrade people out instead of uplifting them? The words that a person speaks are not really speaking of other people. Words usually speak of the one who used them. Good hearted people speak good and kind words. Negative people always speak bad words to degrade not just themselves but they want others to go down on their levels. It is just so sad to know and to hear negative people speaks out so loud that their words pierce like the sharpest thing that cuts out the life of others.

According to Proverbs 11:2; ‘Anyone can find dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold’. Are you one of those who finds gold of the person whom you encounter especially your families?

First day of winter 2016

It is the first day of winter today and it is December 21st of 2016. This winter here in Colorado will last until May of next year. I hate winter and cold days before but then I changed the hate to love. Everyone needs winter and snow so as to have plenty of water during spring and summer. I just need to enjoy the winter days so as to have a happy heart!

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Mikro short scale bass guitar

Holiday is fast approaching and buying some gifts is quite in a rush these days. Are you thinking of buying a music instrument like this mikro short scale bass guitar? If you do, just check on this and see if this is the right for your gift items. Oh, is it a gift for somebody else or a gift for your own self? Whatever is the purpose of your purchase, do check this out and don’t forget to enjoy discounts and some freebie shipping.

5 Tips for Saving for Your Next Family Vacation

As the year comes to an end and the weather turns chilly, you may already be dreaming of next year’s family vacation. Whether you choose the warm sun and soft crash of the waves, the cool shade of a national forest, or something in between, taking the entire family on a trip can get quite expensive. If you’ve yet to start saving, now is the time to get started. These ideas will help you find money you probably didn’t even know you had.

1. Open a New Savings Account

The easiest way to save money for your vacation is to keep it in a separate bank account. Doing so provides an “out of sight, out of mind” effect so that you aren’t tempted to spend your vacation fund on other things the family wants or needs. Some savings accounts may even provide interest. While interest may not be helpful for a short-term goal, it does add up and comes in handy if you are saving for a more extravagant vacation. Either way, who could say no to a few extra bucks?

2. Get a Side Job or Two

In the age of the internet and mobile apps, the number of ways you can earn extra income is growing by the day. If your car qualifies and you like to drive, signing up to drive for Uber or Lyft on the weekends is a good way to put money back. Other options include working for courier services, delivering groceries, or even providing one of your own skills to customers. Consider whether you could teach piano lessons, babysit on the weekends, or even sell your art.

3. Get Rid of Non-Essentials

Are you spending small amounts of money on lots of things? Those pennies add up. Whether you get a large coffee every day or once per week, switch it out for a small and put the pennies in your savings account. How often are you actually using your gym membership? If you can’t remember the last time you went, why not look up workout videos on YouTube instead?

4. Sell Your Stuff

Maybe you actually do use the gym and your treadmill is gathering dust in the basement. Sell it! Going through every room in the house and selling everything you haven’t used in the last year is an excellent way to create a vacation fund. Even better, doing so removes clutter, which has been tied to stress, poor sleep, and even illnesses.

5. Bundle Your Insurance

If you are paying for your homeowners, auto, health, and life insurance policies individually, you’re probably spending a lot of unnecessary bucks. Many insurance agencies now offer bundle packages to help you get the most for your money without sacrificing the protection of your family. Talk to your current agent or find a local insurance agency in Denver and ask them how they can help you save money.

Vacation season is only a few months away at any given time. Make sure you’re prepared. By saving money throughout the year, you ensure a good time for your family without coming home to debt-related stress.


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