How to Spread Awareness for a Local Pet Rescue

Rescues tend to become full during the warmer months and popular holidays, especially shortly after Christmas and Easter. Due to the large influx of pets during these times of the year, rescues need every bit of attention that they can get in order to find adopters and foster families. Luckily, there are lots of ways that volunteers and animal advocates can help.

Spreading Social Media Posts
Almost every animal rescue has social media accounts on the most popular social media platforms. Many of them share photos, free adoption days, and important news on their accounts. By connecting with local rescues on these websites, supporters can share their posts and spread the word with friends. After all, a distant friend or family member might be in the market for a new pet, helping to save lives at the rescue.

Ordering Custom Stickers
Everyone loves an adorable sticker, especially if having one or buying one can help to save the lives of abandoned pets. A custom printed vinyl sticker can feature the faces of available animals, the animal rescue’s name or slogan, or adorable sayings that pet owners will enjoy. They can help to raise awareness of the rescue itself and the proceeds from sticker sales can help to feed the animals that are currently at the shelter.

Word of Mouth
When attempting to help a rescue gain more attention in the community, word of mouth is a simple, proven way to help save the animals. By mentioning the rescue in every day conversation, friends and family might decide to go to the shelter to check out the available pets. This is especially true when the rescue is at capacity in an emergency situation. For volunteers who know the animals, it’s easy to speak about the favorites in hopes that someone goes to meet them.

Hosting Charity Auctions
Charity auctions are one of the best ways to raise money for animal rescues. In these events, individuals donate goods, used items, or services to the rescue. The rescue then auctions them off, earning donation money that can be used to care for the animals and maintain the rescue itself. For individuals who want to make a difference, charity auctions might be the best way to collect donations.

Animal rescues are always in need of help. Many animal advocates don’t realize how much they can help a rescue, especially with word of mouth and the collection of donations. With a bit of preparation, anyone can make a difference in an animal’s life; even if they are not capable of providing the animal a loving home.

Things that I want to do this year

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These are just few of the things that I need to do this year. I hope I can make my dream come true in no time.

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Digestive sensitivity in dogs

Digestive sensitivity is common in all breeds of dogs. It has many causal factors however the most common are unnecessary allergens found in many dog foods including artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, gluten, wheat and dairy. Often they are added to bulk out the food at a cheaper cost to the manufacturer, to increase the shelf life of the food and to make it more palatable.

As small, medium and large pedigree dogs age and grow at different rates it is important that you feed them a diet suited to their size and life stage. Royal Canin offer a wide variety of diets to suit all dogs.

The Royal Canin mini sensible diet is suitable for dogs which weigh up to 10kg at their adult weight. It contains prebiotics and LIP proteins to aid good digestion and to help maintain good stool quality. The food is highly palatable and will therefore encourage even the fussiest of dogs and it also helps to reduce tartar formation due to the calcium content it contains.

The Royal Canin medium sensible diet contains only high quality protein sources and a combination of prebiotics to aid good digestive health. Its high level of Omega 6 fatty acids also helps to keep the coat shiny and healthy.

The Royal Canin maxi sensible diet is for large breeds which weigh 26-44kg at their adult weight. This food is for adult dogs only and should only be fed to dogs over 15 months old. This diet also helps to support your dog’s bones and joints which are placed under more strain in larger breeds.

To ensure your dog maintains a good body condition it is important you feed them accurately according to the recommended feeding guideline for the food. If you are unsure then seek veterinary advice.

Look at the following body condition chart to compare your dog’s body to see where it measures on the chart. If your dog does not fall under the ideal category then you need to implement measures to help them reach this score. If your dog needs to lose or gain weight then it is important that you ensure this is done safely and moderately.


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