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How big is your passion

It doesn’t matter how small your beginnings are. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is how big your passion is.

– Michelle Phan

PA speakers at musiciansfriend.com

Oh music and musical instrument! There are lots of things to choose and lots of brands to admire. Just like these pa speakers at musiciansfriend.com which are all adorable. The one that I like most is the QSC K12 Powered Speaker Dual Sub Package with the most promising price and features. The next thing that I like is this Mackie HAD 12” 2-Way Arrayable Powered Loudspeaker pair package. I just like these two. How about you?

Thanks for the great savings Denise

I am so grateful for the cashier in the store for giving me some discount for the day. I should be paying more than 300 bucks in my grocery but she’s generous to give me additional discount. To Denise, thank you so much and more blessings to you and your company.

Update on this FB group that didn’t approve my permission to post

Update on the FB Fil-Am group in which I tried to ask if I can post a gofund link of my friend:
The admin of this group did not approve my 2nd request. Last night, the gofund campaign for my friend’s mother ended and so I deleted my request to post because it was useless. Anyway, more blessings to these admins and hoping they will experience all the good things in life. I wanted to post a screenshot of how good they were but then, it won’t do good anymore. Hope they can find millions of help when they will be the one in need. And to those friends who help my friend out, more blessings to all of you. No need to mention who you are coz you know you have a kind heart to help people out.

God bless the admin who declined my permission to post

There is this one FB Filipino group that I ask and that if possible I want to post the gofund link of my friend who needs help. I waited for the approval of the admin but then one of the admins deleted my request. I am hoping that this fellow Filipinos in this group will have kind hearts to help my friend in need. But then my post request was declined. Thanks anyway! Well, God bless this FB group and the admin(s) who declined my permission to post. I hope they are happy with what they are doing!

Happy Hearts Day

Happy Hearts Day to all! How’s your Valentine’s Day yesterday? I hope it was fun and it was filled with love, happiness and prosperity! Be grateful for all things, alright! Be happy and be contented while looking forward for a better tomorrow!

Just relax and trust God

One of the fb pages that I follow every day is Doreen Virtue and the good thing that I read today is this one:
“Relax – Everything’s Okay. Don’t worry…it’s all going to be fine.”

Reading these lines makes me feel good deep within. I think lots of things that it seem impossible but reading these words reminded me to just relax and trust God.

Guitar center – favorite

Oh guitar center! I love this online store. As a music lover, I do love everything that this store offers. But what I like most are their affordable prices on just anything when it comes to guitars and other musical stuffs. Have you shopped at guitar center too? What did you buy? Do you like the guitars, keyboards, and other things that guitar center offers you?

Signature sewing machine

This was the sewing machine that I used earlier. I had this like around 2005-2006 when my mother in law gave this to me. For the past days, it gave me uneven stitches and so I let this one rest. This brand is signature sewing machine and I think this is under singer sewing machines but not sure. I love this machine as I can sew thick fabrics (supposedly). Hope this will be of service for me in the coming days.

Waterproof #DollDiapers that fits #BabyAlive, #You&MeDoll, and other 14″ dolls with waistline of 11-12inches

Waterproof #DollDiaper for
And other 14″ Dolls that eat, drink and wet

This is a waterproof #dolldiaper
?Made of?
?PUL on the outside layer
?inner layers:
?absorbent 1 Flannel fabric or Fleece (with 2 layers of absorbent pad [flannel or fleece] in the middle)
?with Stay Dri Wicking Fabric

? Fits on?
Baby Alive Dolls similar to Darce’s Dance Class size
Baby Alive Better Now Bailey Blonde
You & Me 14″ Doll
And other dolls with the waistline until 11-12 inches
It is clean and beautiful

It is clean and beautiful
Machine Washable with Cold or warm water.
Machine dry on low heat (line dry or tumble dry)
But it’s best if it’s just air dry after washing.

This will surely fit your kids’ dolls of up 14″ dolls with waistline until 11-12 inches.

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