Positivity in Life

Even if it is a late Salary, I can wait and I am grateful

The payout of this company is every 10th of the month. But then, it has a habit of not sending it to the PayPal (of their workers). It will just put ZERO balance on the payout for a month and if the online writer is not into checking their PayPal, s/he will not know that the money is not being sent. This has been going on for several years, yet, I am still working with them. Sometimes, it will send a salary after more than 15 tickets and there are times even more and more. For this month, I have sent my 7th ticket but no reply yet. Despite of that, I am still confident that they will send my July 10th salary “VERY SOON(EST)”. Hopefully, this company will have lots of advertisers every month so that they will still give me (and all of their bloggers) some link to post for my blogs just like the years 2007-2009-2010. This company is still a GOOD COMPANY despite of the delayed in salary as they will still send me my share after sending many tickets to their payout support. I can wait for my share and while waiting, I will be sending 1 ticket per day until I can receive my money. Despite of it all, I am still GRATEFUL!

Yes you are capable because God made you great

“You are capable of great things.”

Yes you are capable of great things. Always remember that. Believe in yourself because God believes in you and that’s why you are here on earth to fulfill what God wants you to do. Do be afraid to try new things for as long as it is good. Try and try until you can find the things that fit your capabilities. Work smart and do it for God. Whatever it is that you need to do, offer it to God. You are capable of doing great things because God made you great from the start.

Change your circumstances instead

Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances. – Jackie Chan

This quote I correct. Do not let circumstances change you or else you will be a mess. You are the master of our life and so you change your circumstances and not the other way around. Believe in yourself because God believed in you. Work hard. Don’t procrastinate. Trust and have faith in God. At the right time, in God’s time, your life will be okay.

Was busy for days or almost a week

For the past days or let me say almost a week I was too busy. Why? I made orders of baby-alive clothes and diapers for a father who purchased doll accessories for his 3 year old daughter (how awesome).

After that I told myself that I will be back in blog hopping, promoting links and writing articles for my sites, but then something happened. My reseller hosting collapsed! I’ve got to fix my sites and the sites of my friends (the ones who contacted me not all of them yet). After I fixed few of their sites, I’ve decided to fix my sites for good. As I purchased a hosting in another company, now it’s the time for me to use it and I transferred all of my blogs in there except for around 2 domains as I need to wait for the transfer of my old domain registrar to complete this week. Anyway, it took me two days to transfer all of my blogs as every time I will add-on and install wp script, I cannot see my site instantly. It will go to a parked domain or to its previous server. And so I have to restart, clean my browser cache or shutdown my computer. Then when everything was fixed, I’ve experimented on my two domains for my online stores.

And that is why I am late with my blog updates, blog hops, and link promotions. All is well though. Everything is A-okay!

Will fix the swamp cooler later

It’s the time of the year again that I will be climbing the roof to uncover the swamp cooler for hot spring and summer days. But I will do it once I will feel better (I just had teeth extraction last Friday). I will not climb there and get dizzy with the heights coz I may feel down (and broke my crown haha). Anyway, it’s not 48hrs yet and so I’ll wait until I’ll feel much better. For now, well, just enjoy the not so comfy temperature in the house (although for me, I love hot temperature).

Be happy for your family that they are doing good

When you are a parent you should lead your family not just in technology but in all walks of life especially when it comes to spirituality. If you cannot bring your family to church or anything, just don’t complain when they will go Continue reading


I failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan

Guitar Center

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How big is your passion

It doesn’t matter how small your beginnings are. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is how big your passion is.

– Michelle Phan

PA speakers at musiciansfriend.com

Oh music and musical instrument! There are lots of things to choose and lots of brands to admire. Just like these pa speakers at musiciansfriend.com which are all adorable. The one that I like most is the QSC K12 Powered Speaker Dual Sub Package with the most promising price and features. The next thing that I like is this Mackie HAD 12” 2-Way Arrayable Powered Loudspeaker pair package. I just like these two. How about you?


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