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Incredible Property for Personal or Investment Purchase

An absolutely gorgeous property is for sale in the Midwestern state of Illinois. The convenient location is within just 37 miles highway miles from Chicago and O’Hare Field, making access easy whether the property is a residence or vacation destination. The French Country chalet near McHenry Illinois has been most recently used as residence and a unique retreat available for well-to-do vacationers, or a venue for special occasions such as weddings and family reunions as well as various other celebrations.

The original home was a log cabin constructed in 1930 by an architect from Chicago, and the wooded hills were used for private hunting by the owner. Stables were erected to house horses when the property was purchased by Len Dressler of Jolly Green Giant fame. In 1998 the original cabin was replaced with the 5,400 square foot French country chalet that is the current residence of the owners.

The 14+ acre estate would also be an awesome home for families who enjoy entertaining on a grand scale. The property offers a wide choice of outdoor recreational activities including swimming, rafting and hiking. The golf enthusiast will find easy access to a golf course just across the street, and stables are already in place if the new owner has an interest in equestrian sports. While the 3.6 million dollar price tag will definitely limit the number of private buyers, the location and quality of the property makes it will worth the price.

The Lazy Willow is currently being used as both a private residence and a Christian day retreat, and the business has an excellent reputation that has been built up through the years. It is a favorite venue for youth groups, men’s and women’s groups and marriage retreats. Musical bands also find the property perfect for summer concerts offered to a limited number of music lovers. While the property has not been used as a bed and breakfast facility, that potential is certainly a possibility for additional income consideration.

Whoever is fortunate enough to become the new owner of the incredible property can be sure the buildings are of the best quality and the grounds uniquely beautiful. The possibilities are multiple and limited only by the new owner’s imagination.

Selecting the Right Home in Sugarland

Once known for its place in the sugar industry, Sugarland is a great community to relocate to if you’re seeking a better lifestyle. The city is a cosmopolitan place, with easy access to Houston. However, it has several things that set it apart, including almost any kind of restaurant you want, sporting events, and cultural events. You have all the benefits of living in Houston, without having to drive more than a few minutes from your home.

Using the Right Tools

Don Burns Realtor and other professionals have the right knowledge to get you into the right home for your needs. Because the Sugarland area is so tech-savvy, you can trust that the latest tools you need are within easy reach for your search. From property lookup tools to home valuation tools, there is something for every need. You can look up the homes available using popular criteria or by using neighborhood maps.

Does a Real Estate Agent Make Things Easier?

Although most people think of a real estate agent being helpful once they’ve found the place they want, the real estate agent is also helpful at the start of the process. Because they know the area so well, they can help you find suitable places. One of their biggest tools is the multiple-listing system, which allows them to access listings from other agents to broaden your field. If you’re not sure about a property, they may be able to give you helpful improvement advice or suggest alternate properties that may better suit your needs.

Helpful Advice for Buyers

Many people find some of the advice that real estate agents provide very valuable. Your agent may be able to answer your questions about tax rates, utility bills, or zoning laws. They can negotiate entirely on your behalf, or act as a disclosed liaison between you and the seller. If you’ve never purchased a home before, your agent can help give you advice and also advise you on selecting a lawyer or title company for the closing. They can also point you in the right direction for home inspectors and surveyors.

Be Prepared Ahead of Time

If you’re well-prepared before you start your search, everything will be easier for you, the agent, and the seller. Chat with neighbors who live nearby to get a feel for what the neighborhood is like. A few neighbors who reside close to the house you’re most interested in can be very valuable to your search. Think about what the most important amenities are that you can’t live without and use these to narrow down your search.

Buying the right home in Sugarland is within easy reach. You just need the right tools to enable your search. Once you’ve found the ideal home, you’ll be on your way to enjoying everything the city offers.

Things that I want to do this year

There are many things that I want to do for myself and for my family. I plan this for a long time already and I want it to be true this year. First, I want to have Home Loans Christchurch. I am sure that by having home loans, I can have and I can buy my dream home. I do not have a fancy dream home though because all I need is a home that has enough rooms for everybody and some spare rooms for some important things. As of the moment, I have this blessing for my family but it is not enough for everyone. I am thankful for this anyhow because through this home my family and I have a comfy place to stay every day. But I just need to have a house with lots of rooms in it. How I wish I can buy home just like these Family Trusts Holiday Homes. At any rate, whatever home loans that will qualify for my credit standing that will be the one that I will embrace. Though, I am hoping to have a home that I will be the first owner. I just love to have a home that I will be the one to decide on the materials or a home that I will decide the floor plans. I also love a home on where I can choose my appliances and furniture. I may sound hopeless dreamer but this is what I need and this is also what I want.

Whenever I will have my own home to stay, I would probably buy and own a pet.  And I would surely choose any of the Cavoodle Puppies for Sale at because I do love to have pups inside my home. I am a pet lover and I want to have the cutest pet possible. I also need to prepare for everything that my puppy needs, like bed, clothes, accessories, and a good vet. With the accessories, I want that my puppy will have the cutest clothes and the nicest bag in which I can use for him/her whenever I will bring my pet out.

These are just few of the things that I need to do this year. I hope I can make my dream come true in no time.

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