How to Select the Right Vacation Villa for a Couples Retreat

[View of Rendezvous, a luxury villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico]

Vacation villas make great retreats for couples, but how do you go about selecting the one that best suits your needs? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for the optimum vacation destination.

1)      How many couples are coming along on the trip? If it’s only two people, a one-or-two bedroom villa is a good choice, but if several of your friends, couples themselves, are coming, look for a villa with enough bedrooms for everyone. If a particularly large number of people are coming, consider looking for some higher-end villas; many of the more expensive villas also have a larger number of bedrooms, and if each couple pays for just a portion of the cost, you may all be able to enjoy a significantly greater degree of luxury and comfort than you might if traveling by yourself.

2)      Beds are important. Not just the bedrooms, but the beds themselves. It’s no good finding a villa with six bedrooms, at the price you want, if all six of the rooms have two single-size beds each. There’s no especially good way to determine how large the beds are without examining the listing, so be sure to do that. Queen-size or King-size is probably the most appropriate for couples, but don’t overlook joinable beds that can be put together to make a larger bed, either.

3)      Consider all amenities and services. Having a chef prepare your meals (an option at many villas) is a great way to allow couples to enjoy time together and enjoy high-quality meals without leaving the building. In particular, if you have to feed a lot of couples, it could get very expensive to go out to eat every night, so taking advantage of a private chef may be the most fiscally sensible policy. Don’t forget about all the other features, either. Many Cabo villas, for example, have resort privileges and similar benefits that can be enjoyed by couples. If you travel mainly as one or two couples, focusing on things to do at a resort may not be very important, but if a lot of couples want to do things together, it’s important to consider a location that will provide entertainment for a large group.

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