Was busy for days or almost a week

For the past days or let me say almost a week I was too busy. Why? I made orders of baby-alive clothes and diapers for a father who purchased doll accessories for his 3 year old daughter (how awesome).

After that I told myself that I will be back in blog hopping, promoting links and writing articles for my sites, but then something happened. My reseller hosting collapsed! I’ve got to fix my sites and the sites of my friends (the ones who contacted me not all of them yet). After I fixed few of their sites, I’ve decided to fix my sites for good. As I purchased a hosting in another company, now it’s the time for me to use it and I transferred all of my blogs in there except for around 2 domains as I need to wait for the transfer of my old domain registrar to complete this week. Anyway, it took me two days to transfer all of my blogs as every time I will add-on and install wp script, I cannot see my site instantly. It will go to a parked domain or to its previous server. And so I have to restart, clean my browser cache or shutdown my computer. Then when everything was fixed, I’ve experimented on my two domains for my online stores.

And that is why I am late with my blog updates, blog hops, and link promotions. All is well though. Everything is A-okay!

Simple life

I love a simple life. I don’t have any other accessories for myself. And I won’t mind if others are glowing with their branded clothes, jewelries and accessories. What I want is the simplicity in life. If there is a word or a thing more than simple, then I can live with it! *wink*

FTP is done after 5 hours :D

Sigh! I’m so glad I’m finished with doing my FTP in here. It’s more than 5 hours, alright! But I’m not angry with it! Instead I’m just observing everything. All it takes for this FTP thing is just a little patience. It’s not like before when I get pissed off easily. But right now, I’m used to it. Mostly, I’m totally enjoying with my site for I’ve been doing this for months already.


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