Contented with her new happy life

I am so happy that my friend is now having a nice life compared to what she has before. Her new boyfriend – fiancé right now is good to her and is treating her well. In fact, she can do whatever travel she wants in any place that she likes. Since she doesn’t need to work anymore, she can just do any sports that she wants. One of the sports that she is into these days is Equestrian. With this, her man gave her something so that she can have a shopping spree for all of her riding apparel. During her shopping moments, she bought those with good brands and those apparels which were made with quality. She also included the hunt coats and accessories because this summer she will be into hunting in her place.

Anyway, when she shared pictures of horses and all things, I know that my friend is contented with her brand new life right now. She is loved, pampered, and she has the material things that she needs. As what she says “I couldn’t ask for more”. And I am so happy for her because she’s so blessed in life!


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