Even if it is a late Salary, I can wait and I am grateful

The payout of this company is every 10th of the month. But then, it has a habit of not sending it to the PayPal (of their workers). It will just put ZERO balance on the payout for a month and if the online writer is not into checking their PayPal, s/he will not know that the money is not being sent. This has been going on for several years, yet, I am still working with them. Sometimes, it will send a salary after more than 15 tickets and there are times even more and more. For this month, I have sent my 7th ticket but no reply yet. Despite of that, I am still confident that they will send my July 10th salary “VERY SOON(EST)”. Hopefully, this company will have lots of advertisers every month so that they will still give me (and all of their bloggers) some link to post for my blogs just like the years 2007-2009-2010. This company is still a GOOD COMPANY despite of the delayed in salary as they will still send me my share after sending many tickets to their payout support. I can wait for my share and while waiting, I will be sending 1 ticket per day until I can receive my money. Despite of it all, I am still GRATEFUL!


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