Feeding person who’s dead for 3 days already

Oh, maybe she still has purpose in this life even at her age – http://news.yahoo.com/pronounced-dead-91-old-polish-woman-awakens-152547283.html.

BUT- REALLY – This news from yahoo reminded me of my childhood experience wherein I’ve encountered a person who’s dead for three days already but my mama and I did not know about it. During that time, he asked if we did have food so my mother said that we have food only that we did not have the food that he liked coz he was a bit choosy (he liked humba and we only had dried fish). So, my mother gave him rice and dried fish coz he said it didn’t matter if we had food like that. He was eating, talking and sitting on the wooden floor.  Since I was a kid, I was playing with him by giving him a glass of water and then taking it away. My mother scolded me not to do it coz it wasn’t polite and that I need to give him the water. That time, he dressed up normally, walked, talked, ate, sit, and even played with our dogs as he loved dogs. When my mother talked to one of my uncle, she got a reply that the person whom we fed was dead for three days already. That’s the time I got scared but I didn’t know if my mama was scared as she can see some mysterious things more often. When we visited the place of that person, he was inside the coffin. He was dead.

That time and until today, if the memory flash back – I didn’t think that I had some gift or my 3rd eye was open as I thought that I was able to see him coz I was with my mother who can see some unbelievable things. That was the only experienced that I had which seemed a bit mysterious. I mean, during the time that he was eating, talking, sitting, and walking,  it wasn’t scary at all – he looked normal. He was not a zombie or something.

The question of my mama and I was that he was carrying a bundle of fire wood but where did he put it and how his spirit can carry heavy stuff. He was eating and drinking, so it meant that spirit can still do normal things?  It was weird.


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