Finding affordable insurance for my kids

Last Friday was my payday and I was happy with it (so thankful for two of my superiors who always give me jobs to do at the office). I was so thankful to God, to the company, and to the people around me. I thank God for all the money that He gifted me.

Since there were few orders to encode yesterday, I asked permission that I would go home ahead and I would just give the rest of the orders to my other officemate as she didn’t work the other day. But my superior at work said that I should stay and maybe I’ll work on the other products if I could get my login details for it. But I didn’t so, when there’s nothing to do, I asked again that I would go home early and I was allowed to.

At the parking lot, I warmed my car and thought of visiting my friend at the other city (Pueblo Colorado). Then, I remember of my kids that I need to visit Peak Vista so that I could enroll them for their medical insurance. I just got paid anyway, so I can pay the fee for the two of them. I searched the address of Peak Vista then I put it in my GPS. When I was driving the highway, my GPS asked that I should exit in this particular road. So, I did but I was lost. It’s just kept on saying “make a U turn”. I indeed up buying donuts with my frustrations of not locating the place that I need to visit. Then I called up the customer service and she said that I need to visit their office near the memorial park or at the N. academy. I searched the address and I prefer to visit the N. academy since I knew the place. When I got there, I spoke with the in-charge and I wasn’t qualified due to the income bracket of my whole family last year. I will try to check, if this year we will qualify even just for my two kids. Upon going out, my tears fell as I was so emotional with my situation. But I know there is a best solution for my concern. I know God is with me. (Thank you, God!)


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