Heavens please ….

In a family, a husband should always support the wife. If the wife has credits especially if those were because of helping the family, the husband should help in paying it. He is the head of the family, and he should assist the
wife that if possible to put the credits in one bank and then if the wife has income, she can put it in there to help pay the credits.

Most husbands will always shoulder all the payables of the wife. Not that it’s only the wife that’s paying for the things that she’s buying or wants to buy.

Anyway, it’s good that the wife finds a console with the help of a bank employee who helped her consolidate all of her debts in a credit union. At least in this way, the wife will not suffer a high interest rate. Thanks to that person who helped her.

As much as she can, she doesn’t want to use her own credits but then last March to May this year, she’s spending almost 500 bucks already with the miscellaneous expenses. Plus there’s additional 725 bucks that she needs to pay. And soon there will be another 1600+. Tsk, she’s always crying deep within her. No wonder she’s always grouchy all the time because it seems like she’s living all by herself. Heavens help her. So sad!


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