How to delete pen_tablet.exe from computer’s hard drive

I had a Wacom tablet that I didn’t use for several years. Then last 2016, I thought of installing it so that I can use it in designing some projects but then after that, I was not using it anymore. So, I decided to uninstall it, but there was a .exe file that’s left. I tried researching about how to uninstall it but it will just lead to download this and that to remove the .exe file in which I didn’t want to do. Every time I will transfer the file to my SD card coz from there I can reformat, and all files will be gone from my computer’s hard drive, it will prompt me that the file was in use. I wasn’t using it anymore so I wonder where I can find that file that’s opened. No choice, I was checking the TASK MANAGER, and it’s then I knew that pen_tablet.exe was open. After I highlighted it and click the ‘End Process Tree,’ it’s when I was able to transfer the pen_tablet.exe file into my SD card. After that, I reformat my SD card to remove that files 100%. And that’s how I delete my unwanted .exe file.

Are you having a problem on how to delete your Wacom pen table file also? Just try this thing that I did and see if it will also work for you. It’s just easy thing to do.


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