Kid needs a little help and needs to be out every once in a while

Ephphetha Rite (Be open)
They are asked to share about what they’ve learned in RCIA

He shared: “Once upon a time …. ”

Because he said, one of the things he learned in church was about the life of “St Patrick”. But it was a bit awkward to hear and everyone was looking at each other and wondering what he was talking about.

I think I need to let him mingle with other kids more as he’s not getting any younger. Soon, he will be teenager and he needs to interact with other people. He cannot talk about computer/gadget games and talk about penguins/angry birds/his toys for life.

He needs to be out in the real world apart from what’s in homeschooling and what’s inside the home.

He needs more human interaction more than computer/gadget time. He needs to have a little balance life and he needs to be out every once in a while. With his action, I petty him and it’s a bit hurting to see him act/talk like he’s alienated from the real world.

I cannot turn back the time of when he’s 1 or 2 or 9 years old. What I have right now is the present. There’s still time. He can still adjust and he can still learn on how to place himself around other people. He just need a little help.


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