Money is sacred

Thank You GOD for all the MONEY…where there is money, there is God coz money is one of the great blessings from God.

Money is neutral. It’s not good. It’s not bad either. It depends on the one that is holding it. It’s just like the regular things that can be used in a good way or in a bad way. If the one that holds it have a good heart and will use the money in a good way, so, money is good. If the one that holds the money has bad heart and have bad intentions, then, will use it in negative way, so money is bad. Money is similar to having a functional tongue and mouth, wherein a person can use it in a positive way or in a negative way (you can use your tongue and your mouth to heal or to destroy, to love or to hate, to gossip or to give praises, and it’s not good or bad just like when you have money).

Since money is a gift from God, therefore it can help person who is holding it and if he will share it with others, it can help other people too.

Another thing, money is one of the sacred things coz it’s from God. Even having a religious thing (like bible, having a church, or anything), you cannot have it when you will not buy it with the use of your money or if it is a gift, the person who gave you that thing used money in order to buy it and give some gifts to you.

So, don’t say anything bad about Money. Be thankful coz by it you can keep the blessings from God multiplied over and over again in your life. Be blessed. Be a blessing. Use it in a good way.


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