My own review for Louise L. Hay’s 101 Power Thoughts for Life

“101 Power Thoughts for Life – The thoughts we think and the words we speak are constantly shaping our world and our experiences. Many of us are in an old habits of negative thinking and do not realize the damage we have inflected upon ourselves. However, we are never stock because we can always change our thinking. As we learn to consistently choose positive thoughts, the old negatives ones dissolve away.” by Louise L. Hay

(Time spent on this is worth and life changing. Beautiful collection! Doing a positive affirmation, thinking positive power thoughts can help a person get closer to his or her so-called God whatever religion he/she has! She/he can learn to love her/his own self and from that, he will be more loving to those people around him/her. If one will try listening to this, she/he can say that she/he does not want to go back to her/his old negative self ever again.)

Sample Thoughts on this CD:

MY HEALING IS ALREADY IN PROCESS. Your body knows how to heal itself. Get the negative garbage out of the way. Then Love your body….Pamper it. Respect it. Create an atmosphere of wellness. Allow yourself to heal.

MY WILLINGNESS TO FORGIVE BEGINS MY HEALING PROCESS. I allow the Love from my own heart to wash through me, cleansing and healing every part of my body. I know I am worth healing.

I CAN RELEASE THE PAST AND FORGIVE EVERYONE. I free myself and everyone in my life from old, past hurts. They are free and I am free to move into new glorious experiences.

THE POINT OF POWER IS ALWAYS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. No matter how long you’ve had a problem, you can begin to change in this moment, for as you change your thinking your life also change. THE PAST IS OVER AND DONE and has no power over you. I can begin to be free in this moment. Today’s thoughts create my future.
I am in charge. I now take my own power back. I am safe and I am free.

(Repeat these thoughts and all of the power thoughts many times in a day and it will do miracle in one’s life. Reject those negative thoughts because the one that is hurt first is the person who is thinking and entertaining negative/scary thoughts.)
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