Fixed my problem about “Welcome to Verizon Wireless, there was an error in processing” your call

Okay! I have a new phone, alright as per my last post as it’s a recent gift from my husband! But I am having a hard time connecting to the network. It says that error in processing calls and it will connect to Verizon when my new line is not Verizon anymore. I tried everything already, to the point of draining the battery of my phone (resetting to factory default many times). I tried calling my new network over and over again but then they’ll just keep on test calling my phone with their 800 number and asking me to switch on and off. The last time I talked to the CS, the guy said that I need to call Verizon and ask them to help me fix my phone. You know I have lots of things in mind (maybe my phone is being locked or something). I tried calling Verizon but then the CS guy who answered me transferred my call back to my new network. So, I just put down the phone coz I know it won’t help. Then, I kept on searching online on what to do. I tried everything already from dialing different numbers with asterisk and pound signs but it won’t work. So, I thought of calling #8899 again and the CS woman who answered me told me to call my new network and ask them to do a new reactivation coz when the phone is unlocked it won’t be under Verizon’s system. I thought of calling them again but I know they cannot fix it. Then, I remembered that with this 2nd phone number that I have had since last year if I remembered it right, Verizon kept on calling me about billing issues. I thought, maybe it’s time for me to change my phone number and I’ll see if this new phone number with my new phone will work properly. I dialed the toll free number of my new phone company and followed the instruction and then waited for more than five minutes to make sure that I will have a new phone number reflected in my gadget. When I’ve seen a new number, I tried dialing it and the call get through my phone. I also tried calling the phone of my husband and it work well. And now everything is a-okay. I hope this new number and new phone will work great together coz I love the phone especially that it’s 64GB (how I wish it’s 128GB haha). Oh well, this is a gift heartily given to me and so I am happy for this (to think that 64GB is big already). Now I’ve got to text and inform my friends of this new number that I have so that they can text or call me whenever they need/want.

Anyway, if all else fail with your iPhone, like you cannot make calls and you cannot receive calls, maybe there’s something wrong with the present number that you have. Might as well change it or ask your present cellular phone carrier to reactivate your phone. Who know this will work coz mine is working right now. I hope your phone is working at your end as well!

A mother’s day gift

I said to myself that I am not high tech person anymore. I can go with just simple phones and I can even go out without having a phone. But then my husband gave me this iPhone 6 as a mother’s day gift this year. I am grateful to have this as I can do lots of things with my new phone. Even if this is a prepaid but then it is still functioning like it’s postpaid with less money if I am using this in minimal ways. To my husband, thank you for giving me this phone. Love you!

Tripod folding stools

I want to bring my kids out every once in a while. They are homeschooled and so AS A PARENT I WANT TO BRING THEM OUT coz they cannot go out alone by themselves. IT IS PARENTS’ OBLIGATION TO bring them out and so even if I am a home buddy, I see to it that I’ll find TIME TO LET THEM OUT FROM THE HOUSE. Before I am contented with just staying in the house most of the time coz that’s what I always loved to do when I was single. But now that I AM A PARENT and my kids are growing up, I need to let them see the world outside the home that we’re living.

Anyway, it’s the reason why I bought these tripod folding stools. It’s easy to carry and easy to fold wherever we will go (parks, church, anywhere). I can use these stools anytime. Although, these three tripod folding stools from Cabelas are bit bigger but it’s fine. It’s light weight and so it’s easy for me to carry. I am happy with my purchase coz these were on sale that day.

How Deep Am I Allowed to Dig Under My Yard?

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling

Before you bring in an excavator and accidentally dig up your main water line you should know how deep you can dig into your yard. It’s easy for people to get caught up in the hype of owning a home, and forget that they still need to consider their neighbors wants and needs. Digging into the ground without a permit could cost you thousands in repairs and lawsuits. It’s important to consult a utility mapping service that find and mark the locations of important underground utility lines. This will give you clear parameters to work within. To give you an idea of how deep you can safely dig around your home you should consult a utility mapping service, know how deep each line may lay, and know some basic safety tips to avoid striking an important line.

There are several utility lines that run under your lawn to connect you with public supply/waste lines. A simple utility mapping of your property will save you the headache of finding these lines in your yard, and make your construction project easier. For example, you have pipes that provide fresh drinking water to your home, pipes that remove wastewater to the public sewer system, gas pipes that provide heat, telecommunication lines from the phone company, and electrical powerlines. These are all crucial supplies that make your home suitable to live, and damage to these pipes/lines will cost you hundreds to repair. A broken main water line could cost you as much as $3,000 just to fix, let alone all the other damage it can cause to you, and your neighbors properties.

Having your yard mapped is incredibly important because the pipes are only buried 225 mm into the dirt. If you were digging in your yard to plant a small tree you would strike your shovel into the pipe with your second jab into the earth. This is deep in the ground compared to pipes underneath concrete slabs, which are only 75 mm underground. This is when it’s important to know the history of your home, and ensuring it has been kept up to code when renovations occur on the property. Electrical wires lay deeper into the ground, and are buried to a specific depth depending on the voltage of the power supply. These wires are a minimum of 450 mm deep, and at most 750 mm underground.

Digging is a relatively easy job that requires strong muscles, and a good work ethic to get a task completed. There are a few safety tips that will keep you safe and protect your pipes from devastating errors. Once your utility pipes are marked you should outline the boundaries with chalk and flags to make is absolutely clear where the restricted zone is located. If you are digging within a meter of the restricted zone you must use hand-held tools to limit the chance of striking an important line. If you follow these tips, your job will go off without a hitch.

Heavens please ….

In a family, a husband should always support the wife. If the wife has credits especially if those were because of helping the family, the husband should help in paying it. He is the head of the family, and he should assist the Continue reading

Will fix the swamp cooler later

It’s the time of the year again that I will be climbing the roof to uncover the swamp cooler for hot spring and summer days. But I will do it once I will feel better (I just had teeth extraction last Friday). I will not climb there and get dizzy with the heights coz I may feel down (and broke my crown haha). Anyway, it’s not 48hrs yet and so I’ll wait until I’ll feel much better. For now, well, just enjoy the not so comfy temperature in the house (although for me, I love hot temperature).

What Areas Are Susceptible To Termites?

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling

Termites are one of the most devastating pests a homeowner can deal with, costing Americans $5 billion annually to repair damaged areas. Termites wreak havoc on your house by slowly eating away at the wood in your home. Some species of termites have wings and will fly to a new destination to start a colony. This can make is particularly difficult to protect the exterior of your home for an infestation. To determine which part of your home is most susceptible to termites, you must first know which type of termite you have. There are over 2,000 types of termites in the world and only 50 reside in the United States. These 50 species of termites fall into three categories: dampwood, drywood, and subterranean. If you are interested in having your home sprayed for termites, click here to learn more about your free home inspection.

Dampwood termites, as their name suggests, infest wood that has a high water content. This means they love to live in areas of your home that are beginning to rot. This species of termite can be particularly worrisome as they are much larger than their counterparts, measuring up to one inch in length including their wings. Because these termites only live in damp wood and fly, they can attack any section of your house that is above ground. Unlike the other species of termites, dampwood’s do not burrow into the wood. Instead, they devour the wood from the outside inward. As long as homeowners repair all signs of rot, they will not have to worry about this species of termite.

The drywood termite is the most destructive species of termite in the United States. This pesky insect silently destroys the interior of your home by eating zigzag tunnels into your walls. Just like dampwood termites, the drywood species also has wings that allow them to fly to any location on your home. They will often fly to your roof and work their way into your ceiling. The major difference between the two species is that drywood termites burrow tunnels into the wood and will live long periods of time without leaving the safety of their tunnel. These incredible little animals have evolved inside of trees, so they no longer require a water source to survive. The insects draw moisture from the wood they ingest and excrete a completely dry pellet that is often confused for sawdust.

Subterranean termites live below ground in a massive colony that can house countless tunnels. Since these termites live in the soil, they are most likely to enter the home from the side of your house. You can always tell a subterranean termite by the mud tunnels they construct along their path to a food supply. They build these tunnels so they never have to expose themselves to predators. Because these insects build their nests in the soil, they are much easier to prevent. To eradicate the termites you should have a pest control expert come to your home to spray termiticide, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Hoping to save more this coming months

Early this year, I told myself that I need to save every penny that I am going to earn so that I can pay off all of my payables after I transferred everything in a credit union. The one who helped me transferred and consolidated all of my credit was a Fil-Am bank officer because she pitied my situation. I was happy that time and I told myself, “hopefully this is the thing that can help me.” She asked me if I want a debit card with my checking account and I told her that I don’t want because I want that every penny of my income while being a SAHM and online freelance writer will be put as payment for my credits. She just laughed at me.
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Home improvement, DIY, interior design with child safety & parenting

It is the time of the year that everyone is having Spring Fever! People usually plan some projects for their home improvement. To save money they will do the interior design and other stuffs the DIY way. Though, some will hire experts but there are some who will just do it by themselves for fun and for making their place as beautiful as it can be. Aside from that these people who want to have makeovers every year for their homes ; they will see to it that they will give their children happiness and safety for good parenting.

Speaking of which, when you are one of the people who is having spring fever, do check these Simply Plastics – Cut to size Acrylic/Perspex Sheet, Tube …. You can request whatever things that you need. And know that “Simply Plastics are a leading UK supplier of cut to size acrylic and perspex sheet, dibond, foamex, greenhouse glass and replacement shed windows.” So you are assured that when you will buy custom cut plastics like Clear Polycarbonate Sheet Cut To Size – Simply Plastics, you can receive the products the way you want it to. “Clear Polycarbonate Sheet, Polycarbonate clear plastic sheet is an extremely versatile and strong material with a high resistance to impact. It’s usually chosen over” any other things. While this Coloured Acrylic Splashback Cut To Size – Simply Plastics could be a good craft for you and your kiddos. And mind you that “Coloured Acrylic Splashback, High Gloss acrylic splashbacks are available in a wide range of colours to suit your kitchen and colour scheme.” You can always save time by ordering online at Simply Plastics.  All prices are affordable and it will surely fits your budget.

When you need materials for your DIY home improvements or crafts for your kids this school break, do check at Simply Plastics UK. This company offers quality products with unbeatable low prices.

For more inquiries about their products, call them at +44.0.1268.570703 or email them at If you prefer visiting them you can at their address in Unit 6, Runwell Hall Farm, Hoe Lane, Rettendon, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 8DQ UK.

Snow in Springtime – Colorado Springs Colorado

When you are living in Colorado, you have to love the beautiful weather. It is spring time but still it is snow and the forecast states that it is for two days. WOW! I already planted my vegetable seeds hoping it will sprout in the coming days but then snow is showing its beauty. Oh well, it is just fine as I need snow for the grasses since water is not free anymore. Despite that it is snowing, I am enjoying it. And I am thankful because it is still a blessing from heaven.


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