Forgetfulness is a sign of…

It’s so funny this afternoon. I went back inside the office and see if I left my cellphone on my work area. When I got there, I didn’t find anything. When I sensed that there was something in the back pocket of my pants, it’s then I knew that I was carrying my cellphone and I didn’t left it. When I knew it, I was laughing at myself. That incident wasn’t a sign of old age, it was a sign that I am getting younger and younger. LOL

What kinds of fertility drugs are out there?

Fertility drugs are a lifesaver for many couples who struggle with infertility. Up until just a few years ago, there were only a few options for fertility drugs, but now, more and more options are being added, and couples are usually able to find just the right fertility drug or treatment for their situation. There are several oral medications that are used for infertility issues. One of the most popular is an oral drug called Clomid. reports that more than 80 percent of women who take Clomid are able to start ovulating normally after being on the drug for a few cycles. Metformin and Femara are both oral medications that were originally designed to help with other problems, (diabetes and breast cancer, respectively) but are now being shown to help with fertility issues. Gonadotropins are injectable fertility drugs that are usually used when oral medications are not helping. They are stronger and also usually more expensive than other fertility drugs. As you can see, there are lots of options out there when it comes to fertility drugs, and your doctor or health care provider can work with you to determine which choice is going to be the best one for you.

On the other hand, I hope you will be successful with conceiving the child that you are longing to have ASAP as couples are not complete without having one.

Feeding person who’s dead for 3 days already

Oh, maybe she still has purpose in this life even at her age –

BUT- REALLY – This news from yahoo reminded me of my childhood experience wherein I’ve encountered a person who’s dead for three days already but my mama and I did not know about it. During that time, he asked if we did have food so my mother said that we have food only that we did not have the food that he liked coz he was a bit choosy (he liked humba and we only had dried fish). So, my mother gave him rice and dried fish coz he said it didn’t matter if we had food like that. He was eating, talking and sitting on the wooden floor.  Since I was a kid, I was playing with him by giving him a glass of water and then taking it away. My mother scolded me not to do it coz it wasn’t polite and that I need to give him the water. That time, he dressed up normally, walked, talked, ate, sit, and even played with our dogs as he loved dogs. When my mother talked to one of my uncle, she got a reply that the person whom we fed was dead for three days already. That’s the time I got scared but I didn’t know if my mama was scared as she can see some mysterious things more often. When we visited the place of that person, he was inside the coffin. He was dead.

That time and until today, if the memory flash back – I didn’t think that I had some gift or my 3rd eye was open as I thought that I was able to see him coz I was with my mother who can see some unbelievable things. That was the only experienced that I had which seemed a bit mysterious. I mean, during the time that he was eating, talking, sitting, and walking,  it wasn’t scary at all – he looked normal. He was not a zombie or something.

The question of my mama and I was that he was carrying a bundle of fire wood but where did he put it and how his spirit can carry heavy stuff. He was eating and drinking, so it meant that spirit can still do normal things?  It was weird.

The adorable rabbits

As always, animals have great hearts…they feel the pain of other animals too….like this deer…They said that this deer was in pain or something – it’s like it’s left front leg can’t be folded properly. And there were two cute rabbits beside him…The rabbits that I always see in the parking lot. I want to pet them if I could. It’s so nice to feel their fur and it’s nice to hold them.

On that day, I thought of bringing my camera hoping to see them in the parking lot again. But early in the morning there were lots of cars already. Usually they will be out like before 6am.

But they didn’t fail me. I was happy to see them hiding near the deer. It’s like they were guarding the big one. The other rabbit was far and I cannot adjust the short lens of my camera, so photo of him was kind of blurry. The other one was a bit near, so I kind of took a little bit clear photo of him.

I think I cannot see these rabbits as it’s already snowy days and they surely will hibernate. Though, I’m still hoping to see them often….hopefully…They’re just so adorable. I just love them (coz maybe I am having a rabbit Chinese zodiac sign).

Wild Rabbits

From the day I saw these adorable creatures of God’s nature I always see them every morning in the parking lot. I took photos of them even if it’s so cold that I had to remove my gloves just to take a remembrance of seeing them. It didn’t matter if my photos were blurry for as long as I can took photos of theme even if I was shaking coz the weather was cold. They’re so cute that I want to hold them but prefer not to coz I am afraid they’ll bite me. Hope to see them again and again every day while I still have my seasonal work.

Money is sacred

Thank You GOD for all the MONEY…where there is money, there is God coz money is one of the great blessings from God.

Money is neutral. It’s not good. It’s not bad either. It depends on the one that is holding it. It’s just like the regular things that can be used in a good way or in a bad way. If the one that holds it have a good heart and will use the money in a good way, so, money is good. If the one that holds the money has bad heart and have bad intentions, then, will use it in negative way, so money is bad. Money is similar to having a functional tongue and mouth, wherein a person can use it in a positive way or in a negative way (you can use your tongue and your mouth to heal or to destroy, to love or to hate, to gossip or to give praises, and it’s not good or bad just like when you have money).

Since money is a gift from God, therefore it can help person who is holding it and if he will share it with others, it can help other people too.

Another thing, money is one of the sacred things coz it’s from God. Even having a religious thing (like bible, having a church, or anything), you cannot have it when you will not buy it with the use of your money or if it is a gift, the person who gave you that thing used money in order to buy it and give some gifts to you.

So, don’t say anything bad about Money. Be thankful coz by it you can keep the blessings from God multiplied over and over again in your life. Be blessed. Be a blessing. Use it in a good way.

Ya Right! :D

“When someone undermines your dreams, predicts your doom, or criticizes you in any way, remember they’re telling you their story, NOT YOURS!”

Be positive

If you are frustrated with one thing and you think you cannot do it, don’t say that frustrations to other people. Don’t tell others that you cannot do something or this thing because the words are reflecting back on you. But before reflecting those words back to yourself, you are draining and your are imposing your negativity to them. Be positive even if you can’t find positive things in your present life. You know, what you are thinking right now, it will reflect in the future and you will pay for what you’ve said in the past. So, be positive even if you can’t find any justification to be positive in your present circumstances.

Got the refund – thanks guys

Yahoo, I got a refund from enterprise rent a car already. Thanks guys! Most of all I want to thank Al Serra Collision Center Colorado Springs and USAA insurance for paying the car rental in full. I am so happy right now and of course thankful to God that everything is okay with my car (free rental and car repair was paid in full). I couldn’t ask for more with the repair of my blue car.

My Malibu 2012 is fixed now

I returned my rented vehicle to enterprise last August 28 as my blue car was fixed on that day. I was so excited to drive to the rent a car place but at the same time, I was kind of lonely as I would be missing the F150 XLT that I’ve been using for more than a week. I turned over my keys to them and then there was a woman who checked for some damages on the truck and then checked for the gasoline. I filled it with $35 worth of fuel so that I would not pay it when I’ll get there with me hoping to get some refund for my $50 deposit on the day that I rented it courtesy of USAA. But I wasn’t refunded yet. Maybe it took days before I’ll get the refund (though, I’d be calling them next weeke).  Anyway, I was being transported to Al Serra Collision Center and I was so excited to see my car fixed. It’s so beautiful as if nothing happened to it. I was thankful to this repair shop as they did a good job in repairing my car. Also, I was thankful to Charlie who helped me with my claim and thankful for USAA insurance for paying all the fees (car rental and car repair). Thanks to all good people who helped it. Most of all, I thank God for helping me solve my problems. Thank you God!



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