My kids

I am so glad that my baby girl does not have any food allergies. Even if she is showing that she does not have one, but when she will grow big, I need her to have tested if she is not allergy for peanut or any other nuts. For my eldest kid, hope he will outgrow his food allergies on milk, eggs, seafoods and peanuts.

Hopeful to receive a gift

Kids are always funny! They are free to imagine all the good things in life. They are also free to think all the fantasies that adults cannot do. Kids are wishful and full of hopes. Anyway, I am saying this because my 6-year-old kid is hoping to receive something from a tooth fairy for his first extracted tooth. He is so excited for it. Hope he will receive one funny gift but not a ticket though! He-he-he!

Only hire those professionals

Last 2011, we experienced humid home for several months. After that, there were many molds on the edges of the house. We did not know the reason for it. We were thinking that maybe our home was about to give up and we need to find a new place to stay. We did not know that the main problem for the great humidity and the molds was our water heater. When we check at the back of our house (January 2012), we discovered that the water was damage and the hot water was leaking for several months. We concluded that the first person, who tried to fix it, damaged the tank instead of repairing it.

What we did, we tried to hire a new repairperson who can fix our water heater. We see to it that it would be similar to the good Hot Water Tanks Calgary repair services of our family friend. That time, we experienced of not having water for 2 to 3 days. That was tough days for our family.

Nevertheless, we were grateful for the one who fixed our hot water tank.  Since last year (2012) and until this year, we did not encounter similar problem of hot water leakage that would create molds around and inside our home.

When that thing was fix, we experience something different with our furnace. So what we did, we hired some calgary furnaces repair and services. We made sure that we hired the professional people so that we can save time and money.

With all of those repairs and fixing, we did not experience any problem with the things in our home sweet home.

No choice

I am so glad that my baby girl just adapted to the situation that when she will take a nap she could hear different noises. At first, I am wishing for more good space for her but then there is no other thing that I can do. Gladly, it is just fine. No choice and she just need to live with this.

Jelly and jellyfish

My kid asked, “Mama, can jellyfish make jelly?” I told him that jellyfish could not make a jelly. He then asked another question, “Then why it is called a jellyfish?” I told him that it is called a jellyfish because it looks like a jelly. When jellyfish stings or touches the skin, it would be so itchy. After that, he did not asked father questions about jellyfish and I think he was afraid of the word “itch”.

Junk removal

In our community, so many houses were remove. In addition, I presumed that the owners gave it up because they find new and better place to live with their families.
Renting a piece of lot in the community of where I am living is somewhat okay, because the fee is affordable compared to living in any other place in this part of town. Another thing that I love in here is that the garbage disposal is included already in the rent. All I have to do is to send my garbage bags in the dumpster and I will have a clean and nice place to stay.

I can compare my place with the place of my friend who is having a junk removal edmonton services every month. She said that she is wishing to have a free garbage pickup edmonton. This was her wish before. Right now, she already adjusted to the thing that she needs to pay for her garbage pickup. In addition, the people assigned at her place are good and will always pick up the garbage on time. Sometimes it will be ahead of the schedules. She loves her new place already and she is not planning to transfer to any other place. She wants to stay in there for good.

Anyway, for those who want to have a Vanish Site Removal services, do check at 1117 Klarvatten Cove, Edmonton, Alberta, T5Z 3N9 – (780) 660-4663!

70% savings at Coach Factory after December 25

I got this email the other day for the Wednesday sale of Coach Factory online. What I did with my email was I just took a screen shot of it so that I can post it in here whenever I can. I did not really check the email because I do not want to be tempted in buying anything from this store. I hope that next year, I can shop online in here. I just need to save and save again and pay my payables first before making any farther shopping of the things that I love most. YAYYY!

Being so forgetful

I have noticed that I am so forgetful now that I am a bit old. It seems that I have a temporary memory loss or something. I could not remember things properly. There are some times that I will just have to walk back and forth and could not do anything because I cannot remember anything at all. In addition, when I will be out, there are many times that I am lost and cannot find the exact ways or locations even if I am driving in that same place many times. Now that I am old, my memory sometimes will fail me. I do not know if my forgetfulness is the effect of those injections that I had for so many years.

One of the hard things that I experienced with me being so forgetful was when my eldest kid locked the main door of the house and I did not have any keys in my pocket. I did not even have a cellular phone to call my husband about the incident. Therefore, I had to ask the help of my neighbor that if possible I wanted to use her telephone or cellular phone so that I can call my husband. When I contacted my husband, he did not answer at all. I was worried that time because my youngest kid was inside the house alone and she was very small then. Since my husband did not answer his cellular phone, I just thanked my neighbor for being so helpful and I tried to check at the back door. Moreover, it was a miracle that time because when I pulled that door, it opened instantly. When I told my husband about it, he said that door was close tightly then.

Anyway, with incident like that, and a person is living in Calgary, probably, he could call locksmith calgary nw. These guys are expert locksmith calgary sw and this company is Quick LockWorks, Ltd. 104-3223 83 St. NW – Calgary – Alberta – T3B 5N1 – (403) 202-7656. Thus, for those who needs help with unlocking just anything do check this company!

50% off

It was just last year that I was able to have an online shopping at this Levis store. That was like after the thanksgiving to buy goodies for my family. I miss it. I was not able to have my online shopping this year due to limited funds.

With the discounts that they are offering right now, I am just wishing that my savings were okay. I hope that next year will be a bit better!

Cash for cars

Sometimes it is nice to have many collections of cars with different brands. There are times that it is also nice to collect the latest brands of vehicles. However, there is a thing that needs consideration and that is the insurance fee, every year, which is a bit expensive (I guess). Anyway, for those who are in luxury I think, collecting cars is just fine for them.

Now, if there is a need to have fast cash for cars, then, finding the right buyer is good. So, if you want to sell your car, might as well go for those who can offer you quick cash, hassle free transaction, high buying price, and more!


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