Safelite Auto Glass in Centennial

Thanks Safelite Auto Glass for the fast and good service you gave me today. I arrived earlier than my schedueld appointment and the glass repair tech helped me immediately. I thought I have to wait for more than an hour but the windshield repair was done quickly. I was just enjoying watching the funny TV show in the receiving area and I didn’t mind the minutes of me setting in there. It wasn’t boring at all coz there’s free WiFi, coffee and snacks (though I didn’t not eat or drink but I was enjoying the good WiFi connections). Anyway, my car right now is so beautiful, thank you so much. Also, I just paid the fee for the new wiper blade as my State Farm insurance shouldered the cost of the windshield repair. So grateful! Thank you God for the blessings!

Before the windshield repair (broken windshield on the right side). I took this photo at the parking lot of Safelite Auto Glass.
This is the front office of Safelite Auto Glass in Centennial Blvd Colorado Springs.
The nice clean receiving area of Safelite.
Another view of inside Safelite receiving area.
And another view.  It’s nice in here with cool TV show that I can’t help but laugh at the Tru Funny Vid channel.
After the repair, I have beautiful windshield without crack.
After the repair – clean and beautiful windshield. Good job to the service person (I forgot to ask for his name and the paper just state his ID number, tsk).

7 Rings of Marriage

Engagement ring
Wedding ring
Discover ring
Suffer ring (don’t stop here)
Prosper ring
Offer ring (gift to God, gift to your children, gift to the next generation)

It is God’s way of saying

“Morning is God’s way of saying


McDonald’s 324 E. Fillmore update

Is McDonald’s 324 E. Fillmore (east of Nevada Avenue) in midtown Colorado Springs, one of your favorite fast food chains? They are tearing this store down as of the present and they will be building this one for the whole summer. News stated that they will be opening again either late of August or week of September (pretty sure it will be a modern/high tech fast food chain). For more info, read this article –

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Photos Today

Instead of feeling negative, do good things for others

It’s just because of not using a gadget for his “so called making a video”, he said that his life is miserable. What the heck? So, I told him that if he is with the house of my friend and one of their kids, he will be having a bald hair as that’s the punishment that my friend gave to her son. Continue reading

Was busy for days or almost a week

For the past days or let me say almost a week I was too busy. Why? I made orders of baby-alive clothes and diapers for a father who purchased doll accessories for his 3 year old daughter (how awesome).

After that I told myself that I will be back in blog hopping, promoting links and writing articles for my sites, but then something happened. My reseller hosting collapsed! I’ve got to fix my sites and the sites of my friends (the ones who contacted me not all of them yet). After I fixed few of their sites, I’ve decided to fix my sites for good. As I purchased a hosting in another company, now it’s the time for me to use it and I transferred all of my blogs in there except for around 2 domains as I need to wait for the transfer of my old domain registrar to complete this week. Anyway, it took me two days to transfer all of my blogs as every time I will add-on and install wp script, I cannot see my site instantly. It will go to a parked domain or to its previous server. And so I have to restart, clean my browser cache or shutdown my computer. Then when everything was fixed, I’ve experimented on my two domains for my online stores.

And that is why I am late with my blog updates, blog hops, and link promotions. All is well though. Everything is A-okay!

Whole house surge protection – the facts that you should know

Whole house surge protection is something that many house builders are now offering as an optional add on. If you are buying a new build it’s worth investing in the protection that these whole house systems offer. Likewise, if you already have a property, it’s worth having whole house surge protection installed. Doing so could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Next time you have an electrical inspection carried out on your property, ask the experts about installing whole house surge protection. Generally, you should expect to pay between AUS$600 and AUS$700. The job should take a qualified electrician around two hours to complete.

Why is whole house surge protection a good idea?

If a surge of electricity enters your home it can potentially cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Electronic items, such as computers, used to be worst affected by this type of event. Whilst computers are still vulnerable, they have now been joined by a long list of day to day appliances. Do not forget that items such as refrigerators now often have complicated circuitry which can easily be blown by a power surge.

The worst type of power surge is one that is caused by a lightning strike, as this type of surge is massive. Fortunately, this is a relatively rare occurrence, and the lightning has to strike within a mile of your property in order for a surge to happen.

Power surges can also be caused by events such as power cables falling down or the amount of electricity being used in the neighbored fluctuating suddenly. Any power surge has the potential to cause damage, so it’s worth having protection in place.

Using individual circuit surge suppressors

Even if you use whole house surge protection, there is still a chance that around 15% of the electric from the surge will get through to appliances. This is why it’s a good idea to use individual circuit surge suppressors as well. These plug-in suppressors help to protect the most vulnerable appliances and devices in your home.

Normally, electricity flows through the suppressor, on its way to the appliance or device. If a surge in electricity occurs, the electricity is diverted to the ground wire. As soon as the surge is over, the electricity starts to flow normally again. Do not forget that all of this often happens in less than a second.

The best way to protect your home and its contents against surges in electricity is to use whole house and individual circuit protection, at the same time. You may think that all of this sounds like a lot of trouble when you have never had a problem from an electricity surge. The fact is that these surges are quite common, and it’s better to have the protection in place. You may not even realise that you have had problems in the past, as not all results of damage are obvious instantaneously. It can take months for a device to fail due to damage caused by a surge in electricity.

You can guard against these failures, by simply having surge protection in place.

Balikbayan box is on the way

After living abroad for more than 10 years, I was able to send my 2nd balikbayan box. And I am thankful that I am able to send it despite of my freelance income. I do believe that the more I’ll share the more things that will come to my own family here. I hope my family back home will be happy to receive those things in the box. It may not be all new and expensive but I work hard for those things to be able to share it with them. And I gave it heartily.

To those who are sending boxes to their families back home with the help of their entire family on their present place, you are blessed that you are not alone and that is a cool thing to have. It feels good that you have somebody to share in life in whatever things that you want to do. It feels good to always give. Right?!? Right! Life is still good and life is always great! All is well!

Do you have a will or do you love lots of excuses?

I always believe with the sayings ‘IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY.”

No matter how hard the work of a person and whatever obstacle a person has a strong will, s/he can achieve many things in life.

When a person has lots of alibies for this and that thing, no matter how easy the task is, s/he cannot do anything.

Most successful people as I can see work very hard in everything that they do. They don’t have time for excuses.

Do you have a will or do you love lots of excuses?

Fixed my problem about “Welcome to Verizon Wireless, there was an error in processing” your call

Okay! I have a new phone, alright as per my last post as it’s a recent gift from my husband! But I am having a hard time connecting to the network. It says that error in processing calls and it will connect to Verizon when my new line is not Verizon anymore. I tried everything already, to the point of draining the battery of my phone (resetting to factory default many times). I tried calling my new network over and over again but then they’ll just keep on test calling my phone with their 800 number and asking me to switch on and off. The last time I talked to the CS, the guy said that I need to call Verizon and ask them to help me fix my phone. You know I have lots of things in mind (maybe my phone is being locked or something). I tried calling Verizon but then the CS guy who answered me transferred my call back to my new network. So, I just put down the phone coz I know it won’t help. Then, I kept on searching online on what to do. I tried everything already from dialing different numbers with asterisk and pound signs but it won’t work. So, I thought of calling #8899 again and the CS woman who answered me told me to call my new network and ask them to do a new reactivation coz when the phone is unlocked it won’t be under Verizon’s system. I thought of calling them again but I know they cannot fix it. Then, I remembered that with this 2nd phone number that I have had since last year if I remembered it right, Verizon kept on calling me about billing issues. I thought, maybe it’s time for me to change my phone number and I’ll see if this new phone number with my new phone will work properly. I dialed the toll free number of my new phone company and followed the instruction and then waited for more than five minutes to make sure that I will have a new phone number reflected in my gadget. When I’ve seen a new number, I tried dialing it and the call get through my phone. I also tried calling the phone of my husband and it work well. And now everything is a-okay. I hope this new number and new phone will work great together coz I love the phone especially that it’s 64GB (how I wish it’s 128GB haha). Oh well, this is a gift heartily given to me and so I am happy for this (to think that 64GB is big already). Now I’ve got to text and inform my friends of this new number that I have so that they can text or call me whenever they need/want.

Anyway, if all else fail with your iPhone, like you cannot make calls and you cannot receive calls, maybe there’s something wrong with the present number that you have. Might as well change it or ask your present cellular phone carrier to reactivate your phone. Who know this will work coz mine is working right now. I hope your phone is working at your end as well!


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