Recycling – an environmentally friendly act

When others are posting about how they renovated their house and all of the good things, me, I am posting that I am recycling things. In fact, I posted that I bring all of the unused goodies at a junk shop and I earned $3.50. I am not shy of recycling. At least I am making an environmentally friendly act of throwing the trash at the right place. I cannot get back the original price of my treadmill because it was a rotten thing that’s been sitting outside since 2010. That treadmill cost me almost 600 bucks, and I hadn’t use it because the day that plugged it, it was not functioning. And that time, I did not know how to return things because I still didn’t know how to drive. My exercise bike cost me almost a 100 bucks, but it was okay. Lots of stuff I brought to junk shop today, and I think that will be it for the year. I could throw it at the dumpster, but I was curious of the fee that the junk shop will give to me because those were heavy metals. Even if it didn’t pay for my gasoline, but I was happy with my experience. At least, I am wiser on my next purchases.

$3.50 from recycling some unwanted things – Thank you Lord God for the blessings


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