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Reward system in potty training

Doing potty training is such a challenging work for a full time stay at home mother. As per my experience with kid, he is already potty trained. He can pee on his own by visting the bathroom anytime he wants to. He also says that pull up diapers is yucky to wear. But there is one more thing that he needs to do and that is to poop whenever he needs to. He doesn’t like pooping for the reason that it’s icky and yucky (according to him). He also says that he is scared of pooping and he doesn’t like it. So, I told him that even if he doesn’t like it but he needs to do it because it cleans up his body from the revolting poop. So, to help him do his thing, I need to give him rewards because if I will just leave him alone in going from one corner to another in trying to hold his poop, it will reach him days before he will let go of it. What I will usually trick him is I will give him some nice band aid like Dora band aid that he calls it as his sticker. Though sometimes if he is not being rewarded with candies before doing his bathroom work, I will also reward him with two packs of candies!

All in all, I am so thankful that he is already a potty trained kid. And hope he will not hold his p** anymore. Hope he will go whenever he needs to p** in the bathroom without saying he doesn’t like it.


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