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Need to create different profiles

Too bad! With regards to one of my previous post about face-booking, even if I will switch from one page to another, since the page is owned by one person, so when I will use my page to like a particular page, it will just be counted as one. So, this means that I need to create one profile for a particular blog and then liked my other pages. With this thing, I can also use my different profiles in liking other people’s pages. Sigh!

Face-booking :)

As far as I can remember I am a member of facebook.com for almost two years now . And I learned different things as well. Part of my learning is creating pages for my personal blogs. I didn’t know that I can use my individual blog pages in liking my other pages as well as liking the other pages/profiles of my friends. It’s just today that I’ve tried it and it work. From now on, I’ll not be creating another PROFILE with another email whenever there will be some people who will ask me to like their pages. Instead, I will just be switching my profiles from one to the other so that I can use it as if I am a different person (though having only one profile). Now, if you are like me who doesn’t know about this, just take a look at the screenshot on how to do it! But if you know this already, just ignore my article.

Okay it’s like this you will create a page(s). And then if you have enough of it, you have to click ACCOUNT on the upper right portion. Then, click USE FACEBOOK AS PAGE. With it, you can use it in liking other FB profiles and pages without creating new account with different emails.

Now I know! Thanks God. At least I’ll not be creating another domain emails for my new FB accounts because I can easily use my other FB pages of my personal blogs. It’s also convenient because I’ll not be logging in and out from one account to the other. There is one thing that I need though! Enough friends to like my page so that I can somehow use this for those who will be asking 50 friends, 100 friends, and or at least 300 friends! YOWWW! Hope I am correct on this! Happy face-booking again everyone and have a nice blessed day! Loving FB a lot!


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