The adorable rabbits

As always, animals have great hearts…they feel the pain of other animals too….like this deer…They said that this deer was in pain or something – it’s like it’s left front leg can’t be folded properly. And there were two cute rabbits beside him…The rabbits that I always see in the parking lot. I want to pet them if I could. It’s so nice to feel their fur and it’s nice to hold them.

On that day, I thought of bringing my camera hoping to see them in the parking lot again. But early in the morning there were lots of cars already. Usually they will be out like before 6am.

But they didn’t fail me. I was happy to see them hiding near the deer. It’s like they were guarding the big one. The other rabbit was far and I cannot adjust the short lens of my camera, so photo of him was kind of blurry. The other one was a bit near, so I kind of took a little bit clear photo of him.

I think I cannot see these rabbits as it’s already snowy days and they surely will hibernate. Though, I’m still hoping to see them often….hopefully…They’re just so adorable. I just love them (coz maybe I am having a rabbit Chinese zodiac sign).


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