The Ultimate Checklist for Attending the Grand National 2017

As 2017 ticks along, April is visible in the next few weeks and what seemed like a far off event is literally just around the corner. The Aintree Racecourse is getting ready to host the UK’s biggest horse racing event of the year. The Grand National is one of the country’s most eagerly anticipated sporting events and millions of people tune in to watch it every year.

If you are one of the around 150 000 racegoers that are expected to attend the event over the three day period, then you can really make your experience as awesome as possible with just a little preparation.

Here’s the ultimate checklist for the Grand National 2017:

Know when the races are taking place

While many people attend the races for the social scene, most of them have also put bets on the horses and are hoping that they’ve backed a winner. Whether you are there for the races or the entertainment – do yourself a favour and grab a Grand National Ladies Day event guide brought to you by William Hill – to ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

Get your bets in early

Whether you are betting online or in person – you should always make sure that you do so well in advance. The traffic to websites spikes just before a big race and this can cause it to crash or slow down heavily and the queues at ticketing stations run the risk of not moving fast enough to place your bet in time.

Lose a bet gracefully

No one likes a bad loser, and you are bound to have a few bad bets as well as good ones. Ensure that if you win that you do it graciously and share the positive energy around. If you lose however, don’t fret, stress or make others around you uncomfortable. Remember that there are other aspects of the day to be enjoyed.

Let out your inner fashionista

For many people the Grand National is about being seen and it is the perfect occasion to dress to impress. Remember that it’s spring so don’t wear anything that’s going to be too hot, but also keep in mind that the weather is unpredictable and you should bring something warm with you in case. Get on your most fabulous shoes, beautiful dress and of course statement hat to make sure you stand out from the crowds. Heels are a great idea but keep in mind you’ll be walking on grass – so factor that in before you pop on the stilettos.

Simply enjoy the spectacle

The Grand National is ultimately about providing entertainment and is meant to be enjoyed. Some people take the event a bit too seriously and seem to stress about everything just a bit too much to have fun. Don’t fret too much about your bets or what you look like, and rather just let yourself enjoy this annual spectacle as much as possible. Drink, dance and eat to your heart’s content and simply have a great time.



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