Update on my file recovery – it’s okay

I tried to recover my files from one computer to another using the same software but to no avail. So, what I did to my USB flash drive? I cut it and destroyed it. There was no hope of recovering all the files. I’ve learned lessons already that when I need secure storage, I need to have the one with a good brand. Anyway, it’s okay.

Life must go on. After having problems with my reseller for three weeks now and I still have four accounts that need files, I must go on. After losing all my files on my USB drive, I must move on. After deleting one of my products in my first online store and transfer it to my 2nd store, it’s okay, I can still list my products in my other store. Even if I have sales (few) on my first store but since there is a need for me to transfer it, that’s fine.

Life is still good to me. There’s a reason for everything. All things and all events are blessings.


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