7 Small Upgrades that can Make a Big Difference to Your Home

It does not matter whether you are trying to turn your home into a better place to live, or hoping to improve the sale potential of a property, there are certain simple things you can do to help. Yes, it’s good to be able to re-decorate throughout, or add another bathroom, to make life easier, but these are big jobs which can cost a significant amount of money.
Simple changes can make a big difference in a property. Here are some that you may want to consider for your home.

Add a water filtration system

Drinking water is an excellent way to stay healthy. But, have you ever worried about whether the water which comes from the tap is safe? The best way to make sure that this is the case is to install a water filtration system in your home. A counter top system is an affordable option, but if you want to be able to filter a bigger quantity of water, you may want to invest a little more, and have an under-sink system plumbed in.

Replace that lackluster front door

One of the first things that people see, as they approach your home, is the front door. A shabby and worn door, with peeling paint, does not look very welcoming. This is especially important if you are selling your property, and you are trying to attract potential buyers. The really good news is that a new front door does not just look good, it can also help to improve energy efficiency in your home.

Change up your staircase

A staircase can be a really eye-catching feature, if you let it. You can make simple changes, such as painting the staircase you have with a vibrant colour, or stripping it back to the original wood. You can also choose to be a little more adventurous, and have an intricate metal staircase fitted in your home; click here for more information.

Get the mirror effect

Mirrors are an excellent way of creating a feeling of additional space in your home. It’s important to be clever about the way you use them. Consider locating one across from a window, or behind a light source. You can even create an entire mirrored wall, if you do so in the right way.

Install charging stations

The use of mobile devices continues to rise, so it’s a fairly safe bet that you have a few in your home; especially if you have a big family. Installing a charging station in your home helps to make charging appliances more organised. You can also shut the station away, behind a door, or in a drawer. This means that it does not interfere with the décor.

Upgrade the thermostat

If the thermostat in your home has been there for the decade or more that you have, it’s probably time for a change. Install a touchpad and you have total control over the heating in your home. You can even program the thermostat so that you know you are making best use of your energy supply. This can help save you a significant amount of money, in the long term.

Go soft close in the kitchen

The slamming of cabinet doors in the kitchen is not just annoying; it can also damage the hinges. Most modern kitchens come with soft close hinges as a feature. If you are happy with your kitchen and do not want an upgrade, but would like the benefit of soft close then just have new hinges fitted to your current cabinets.

As you can see, you do not have to undertake huge projects, to make significant changes to your home. All of these simple upgrades can improve your living experience, or make selling your property a little easier.


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