Good attitude employee vs complainers

At work, I am assigned at the customer service desk wherein my main work is to return those items being returned by customers back to listed departments. Some personnel at certain departments are friendly enough and they will accept returns without complaints. These people are dedicated on their work that even if they have bunch of items to stock together with the returns, they will have to manage to say, “Thank you for bringing my stuff and please put it there. I’ll have to restock it as soon as I can.” But there are some department personnel wherein they will have to say, “I saw you drop this bucket off here and why are you bringing stuff that doesn’t belong to me?” I told these people many times, “I am so sorry for bringing stuff that doesn’t belong to you! Whatever that things put in a bucket that is the thing that I’ll have to bring in your department. I don’t have a scanner and I cannot scan things plus I don’t have the list of every department.” There are people also who will say, “If you cannot stock those items back to their shelves, you better bring those buckets back in the customer service.”

And, even if the department is just very near them, they cannot put the items in there. Instead they will have to complain over it. I cannot blame them though because it is not easy to restock those items which are being returned but employees are being paid to do their work.  That’s why employees are being hired and so whatever work that needs to be done, it should be accomplished without complaints.

THE GOOD THING is that, there are people that I love most. Their good attitude is contagious and it’s just few of them. Whatever their returns are, no matter how plenty those items, they are smiling and happy that those items are being brought to their department. Whenever I saw these good attitude people, it will brighten up my day. I am just wondering how they manage to be in a happy mood and have a positive outlook when everything around them is stress. I just love them. These people are assets to the company.

Are you a music lover?

Are you a music lover? Do you love watching concerts? If you are a music lover, you probably love to watch concerts. Watching those singers and musicians performing on stage is just an awesome thing to do. With all of their best music instruments and their beautiful voices, you would fall in love with them. Music heals soul and that’s why it’s advisable to learn to love music. What’s your favorite singer and music group? What type of music do you prefer?

Ma Belle’s Skills?

I just visited and know the words this website would describe for my birthday. I am glad to know that these are the words that this site wrote for me. I am thrilled for these promising words. It’s good that it’s positive and it’s motivational.

So, do you want to check yours?

I shouldn’t experience frequent dbase errors huh

My webhosting experienced data base errors frequently. I wonder what was wrong. It maybe that I transferred some of my blogs in my own web hosting or what!? With this thing, I thought of deleting all my old records from my previous web host – as in total deletion as I already transferred everything that I had there and I don’t need it anymore. Besides, that shared hosting of mine will be due this 19th of April (I think) and I am not planning of renewing it as I want to save few bucks this year. Now that I deleted my old files from my old control panel, I want to check if I’ll experience data base errors. I don’t want to have errors in my own web hosting as it would be unfair for me. They already deleted the auto installer as they said that there’s no update from simple scripts so I ended up doing manual installation with the new domains or domain transfer that I am going to have. And now, I experience this data base errors in which I should not be since I am a good payer with my account. Anyway, I hope the thing that I did would help a little bit. I hope there will be no frequent data base errors since today and in the coming days, months, or years!  Hopefully!

Cello tuner

When buying things, there is always an option of buying the high price and the low price. Of course, when you will shop, if given the chance, you will go for the low price so that you can enjoy savings. Like when you will buy parts and accessories for your musical instrument, of course you will choose the one that offer you most affordable price like this cello tuner in which you can easily buy it at a student price. It says that this is designed for “stringed instruments as it will tune violin, viola, cello, and double bass”. When you will buy this thing, you will know its easy use for your musical instruments. Want to buy it right now?

A-line Strapless Court Train Tulle Wedding Gown

A wedding is mostly seeing the bride the happiest and the prettiest one in her wedding day. To make her beautiful is to give her the most elegant dress that would fit her. Do you think that this A-line Strapless Court Train Tulle Wedding Gown would make her look the most beautiful bride? Absolutely, this would make her look stunning and adorable. At, it says that the style of this tulle and satin wedding gown is elegant and luxurious with natural waistline, strapless neckline, sleeveless, lace-up back details, built-in bra, and embellished with flowers, embroidery and beading. This wedding dress is vintage inspired that will sparkle and shine. Do give the bride the most elegant and the prettiest wedding dress that will make her day memorable. Always remember the saying, “a happy wife is a happy life”!

Rich people acquire….

As I am browsing through my old drafts, I’ve read this quote but I forgot, “Broke people buy stuff, rich people acquire assets.” And this is true! Now, that I am reminded on this, I need to get back with my priorities in life and that is to save and save for my kiddos. The past decisions that I had cannot be undone and so I must start right now so that I will have something good to look forward too. Of course, that is with God’s grace coz I know I am nothing without God.


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