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Whatever web hosting company you are subscribing with, you have to back up all your files. Do not just trust them because they are big companies or whatever. You have to back up your files by saving XML every time you have new updates.  You have to overwrite your old files (if you like) so that your computer won’t be loaded. XML files will always save you when an emergency arises.

Okay, I am writing this because I experienced errors in all of my hosted accounts since Thursday morning (Jan 18, 2018) because the “reseller web hosting company” that I BELIEVE CAN GIVE ME SECURITY deleted all my files. I contacted them, and they said someone was chatting with them asking to delete my files. WT! I emailed the legal department so that I can have a copy of that chat but I haven’t got any respond.

The next thing I did was chat again because I did not receive any updates. Then the tech support who talked to me said to that my reseller web hosting was deleted because it was expired. How can that be expired when I WAS PAYING IT MORE THAN A MONTH BEFORE ITS EXPIRY. I PAID my reseller DECEMBER of 2017 even when my reseller’s expiry was January 2018.

I AM SO MAD! I AM SAD about the damages and the hassles that they created with my small reseller hosting. IRRESPONSIBLE AND NO ETHICS AT ALL!

And today I was chatting with them on FB. I showed them the screenshot of the chat that I had with the last tech that I spoke with last Thursday, January 18, 2018. That person replied to me apologizing for the incident. (Apologizing is not enough, I need my sites back up and running again asap.)

Then, I got a call from the executive whatever department that was; asking me to create new cPanels. Good thing it was a girl with at least nice voice. She said they recovered 25 accounts. She wanted to give me a list of the accounts that they recovered and it seemed like she’s emphasizing that they cannot recover any other things.



Twenty-five accounts are not ENOUGH. So, I told her I will create cPanels for the lists of the main domains of each active cPanels that I have in my list. I told her I have almost 40 accounts and I was thankful for the 25 accounts (but again 25 accounts were not enough). So I made at least 39 cPanels for their CONVENIENCE in uploading the FILES that they can find any time or as soon as possible.

With the deletion that they made, I have one client who received 2 disputes with the services that he offered for his customers because his website was domain parked since Thursday.

Oh dear, I can’t do anything about it. The server is not in front of me. My capacity is just within the website codes, but when it comes to servers, it’s beyond my control.

I hope and pray that the level 3 techs can restore all my files for all active cPanels.

On the other hand, I don’t want to mention the company who created damages to my reseller web hosting because I don’t want to ruin a business even if they damage my small start-up reselling.

All I can say is for you to BACKUP all of your sites so that you can easily move away from the company if they don’t want to do business with your small startup biz.

Love Firefox 57.0 64bit HD

What I love the Firefox 57.0 version 64bit or firefox quantum is that it is faster than the previous version. I like its HD new face and everything about it.

On the right side, I can check or uncheck the preference tabs easily, like the search tab, top sites, recommended by pockets, snippets, and the highlights. On the left side, I can use the tour option of the new things that Firefox offers, like the performance, library, screenshots, address bar, customize and much more. Oh, I just love this browser.

How to delete pen_tablet.exe from computer’s hard drive

I had a Wacom tablet that I didn’t use for several years. Then last 2016, I thought of installing it so that I can use it in designing some projects but then after that, I was not using it anymore. So, I decided to uninstall it, but there was a .exe file that’s left. I tried researching about how to uninstall it but it will just lead to download this and that to remove the .exe file in which I didn’t want to do. Every time I will transfer the file to my SD card coz from there I can reformat, and all files will be gone from my computer’s hard drive, it will prompt me that the file was in use. I wasn’t using it anymore so I wonder where I can find that file that’s opened. No choice, I was checking the TASK MANAGER, and it’s then I knew that pen_tablet.exe was open. After I highlighted it and click the ‘End Process Tree,’ it’s when I was able to transfer the pen_tablet.exe file into my SD card. After that, I reformat my SD card to remove that files 100%. And that’s how I delete my unwanted .exe file.

Are you having a problem on how to delete your Wacom pen table file also? Just try this thing that I did and see if it will also work for you. It’s just easy thing to do.

Waiting for more than 2 hours in saving a video

As what I’ve said in my previous post that I do love Movavi and so right now I am using it. Since the video that I am editing is like more than 30 minutes, I need to wait for more than 2hours before I can finish saving it on my computer. After that, I need to wait minutes to hours also in uploading that video to my channel. Although, I can edit it in Power Editor to have a 64bit video for easy upload on my channel. I’ll see what I can do right after saving this video that I have right now.

Movavi 15, Cyberlink Director 15 and Movavi 17 Review

So far I’ve tested three video editors – Movavi 15, Movavi 17, and Cyberlink Power Director 15.

I had fun using Movavi 15 as it’s an easy to use video editor. It’s just that I need more, like the callout features and other artistic stuffs. Also, when saving my projects, it will take me several minutes to finish depending on my video choices – good, high, or highest quality.

So, I tried buying a new one the Power Director 15 because it’s on sale. The software offers lots of amazing features, but I’ve got to play with it more to enjoy everything that it offers. It is a bit complicated compared to Movavi 15. The thing that I love most with Power Director software is that there are lots of templates and themes to use. There are many things to download from Cyberlink website as well. And the best thing is that when I will save my projects, it won’t take long and it’s done. It is a 64bit software, and so it is fast. It is also fast uploading in my youtube channel.

Cyberlink Power Director 15 – Simple edit

Cyberlink Power Editor 15 – Easy editor


I do love Movavi 15 and the simplicity of the software so I’ve decided to buy the Movavi 17. When I tried it, I was amazed because it offers additional features like the callout or speech bubbles and some artistic things. But it is the same, it takes time in saving my projects, and it will also take time in uploading it.

Movavi 17 – simple edit only


I do love the two software – Movavi and Power Director. There are times that I will edit my video first using Movavi and then transfer my saved projects in Power Director to give more art to it.

I just love video editing, and I want to be consistent in posting vlogs on my channel.

Changing the @username in FB page

As much as I want to change the @username of my FB page to a new one but I opted not to because I have lots of important permalinks that I need to save. Actually, I tried changing it, but then when I visited my old links, it created errors. So, I immediately changed my FB @username to the old one. Good thing I was able to switch it back to its original username. Pewwwww!

Creating new cPanel instead

I am doing a hard edit on a blog url but it’s not sensing the new domain name because I cannot addon the new domain in the cpanel. So, I gave up and just create a new cpanel for that one domain as bluehost removed the addon domain feature in my reseller as the reseller package that I have had with them is deprecated long time ago. I don’t want to upgrade my reseller hosting into vps or ddcated hosting as I am not accepting new customers anymore. I am just hosting the friends that I have online since 2007. They’re with me since I started blogging and so I will still be hosting the one that didn’t leave me behind. And Happy Blogging to the wife of my friend whom he said is doing a VA work online. Yow friends Yow!

Whole house surge protection – the facts that you should know

Whole house surge protection is something that many house builders are now offering as an optional add on. If you are buying a new build it’s worth investing in the protection that these whole house systems offer. Likewise, if you already have a property, it’s worth having whole house surge protection installed. Doing so could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Next time you have an electrical inspection carried out on your property, ask the experts about installing whole house surge protection. Generally, you should expect to pay between AUS$600 and AUS$700. The job should take a qualified electrician around two hours to complete.

Why is whole house surge protection a good idea?

If a surge of electricity enters your home it can potentially cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Electronic items, such as computers, used to be worst affected by this type of event. Whilst computers are still vulnerable, they have now been joined by a long list of day to day appliances. Do not forget that items such as refrigerators now often have complicated circuitry which can easily be blown by a power surge.

The worst type of power surge is one that is caused by a lightning strike, as this type of surge is massive. Fortunately, this is a relatively rare occurrence, and the lightning has to strike within a mile of your property in order for a surge to happen.

Power surges can also be caused by events such as power cables falling down or the amount of electricity being used in the neighbored fluctuating suddenly. Any power surge has the potential to cause damage, so it’s worth having protection in place.

Using individual circuit surge suppressors

Even if you use whole house surge protection, there is still a chance that around 15% of the electric from the surge will get through to appliances. This is why it’s a good idea to use individual circuit surge suppressors as well. These plug-in suppressors help to protect the most vulnerable appliances and devices in your home.

Normally, electricity flows through the suppressor, on its way to the appliance or device. If a surge in electricity occurs, the electricity is diverted to the ground wire. As soon as the surge is over, the electricity starts to flow normally again. Do not forget that all of this often happens in less than a second.

The best way to protect your home and its contents against surges in electricity is to use whole house and individual circuit protection, at the same time. You may think that all of this sounds like a lot of trouble when you have never had a problem from an electricity surge. The fact is that these surges are quite common, and it’s better to have the protection in place. You may not even realise that you have had problems in the past, as not all results of damage are obvious instantaneously. It can take months for a device to fail due to damage caused by a surge in electricity.

You can guard against these failures, by simply having surge protection in place.

Business Optimization 101: Your Quick Reference Guide To Success

If you run a company and want it to be as successful as possible, you should begin thinking strategically immediately. Accessing and implementing proven expansion strategies is a wonderful way to keep your company on the road to perpetual growth and an ever-increasing sphere of authority. Below you will find just three of many business optimization techniques you can use to get the expansion process underway right now:

1. Utilize Consulting Services.

Business owners who are serious about optimizing their daily operations should invest in consulting services. Business consultants will typically be able to implement a customized, cutting edge strategic plan that helps enhance each individual component of your company. This includes anything and everything from your leadership capacities to employee development. Organizations such as KeyGroup Consulting provide clients with multiple growth strategies, including guidance for managing a multi-generational workplace.

2. Build Your Brand Online.

Another strategy you can implement to optimize conversion and increase your company’s sphere of authority is building your brand online. This strategy will empower you to share your products and services with people across the world, thereby increasing the likelihood that your company will become global in scope. The simplest way to build your brand online quickly and correctly is by hiring a group of experienced digital marketers. These individuals will typically be able to utilize multiple marketing methodologies to get your company going and growing in the Internet realm. Some of the growth strategies implemented may include:

-social media optimization
-web design and development
-link building
-online reputation management
-keyword analysis
-responsive web design
-target market research

3. Create SMART Goals.

One final business optimization strategy you should definitely employ is the creation of SMART goals. Research shows that individuals who write their goals down are more likely to realize them. As you begin the process of defining and writing down your objectives, make sure that they are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-specific. An example of a good SMART goal would be: “We will remain open for 2 extra hours on Friday and Saturday during the summer months (June, July, and August) to increase revenue by 23%.”


If you’re serious about business optimization in 2016, know that operating in an orderly, systematic way can help you realize your professional vision. By consistently implementing the simple strategies outlined for you above, you’ll likely find that your company begins to grow and expand in a powerful way.

Freebies with Shopkick

I’ve been a member of shopkick – for more than a year now. I already claimed my first reward last year and I gave it to my friend but she didn’t use it yet. Then, I deleted my app from my phone.

This year, I thought about it and try to use it whenever I can remember it every time I will shop. Besides, clicking the app is free and I can earn points. With the accumulated points, I can claim some e-cards and I can redeemed it whenever I want.

Last week, I tried to use it at one of the grocery stores here in my town. I just want to earn walk-in kick points (upon entering the store) and then I can also earn points when I will scan some items that shopkick put in their apps. When I entered the store, shopkick won’t let me do it. It stated that I should go to the entrance for the shopkick points as a proof that I am within the store. So, I went back at the store entrance and tried to open the app but it didn’t let me. Since I wasn’t able to have the WALK-IN KICK POINTS, therefore I cannot scan the products that they want me to scan. It didn’t matter though, I can try it next time.

Anyway, whenever I am not using this app, I will have to moderate on the access of this app in my phone for privacy. I’ll just have to open it whenever I am in the store that they are affiliated with for me to earn walk-in kick points and some scan kick points.

On the other hand, I’ve learned this app through my friend (thanks to her) and it’s fun for as long as the app will give me a walk-in kick points and I can use the app to scan some items for me to earn kick points. Freebies are always great to have!







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