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Where will I start? Okay this is about blogging and my life. I started blogging way back middle of 2007 when a good friend (she’s my angel in blogging) of mine told me that blogging was the source of her income and it’s the reason why she couldn’t reply to my messages as quickly as she could. So, I pondered about it and thought that if I would make my own blog, I also can earn something like her. During that time, it was a bit hard for me because I didn’t know where to start. Imagine that I started creating my blog August and was successful October of that year but mixed with sweat and tears because when I create one site, I would delete it because I didn’t know what I was doing. Until December came and I received one of my offer in which I get compensated on January 2008 for about $2 and I jumped for joy. When my other half knew about it, he said to me “Can you live in that amount for six months?” My answer was “At least I’ve proven that blogging is true.”

In year 2008, I’ve created more than 10 blogs and kept on spreading the words about the good side of blogging and or creating a personal online diary. This time, I taught my friends and relatives about the goodness of having blogs. For those who are listening, they get the best results and they are earning. At the same time, they are helping advertisers in any possible ways they can because they can easily write any good stuff for those good business owners.

The World Wide Web is one of the best ways for people to keep in touch and to do business in a good way. It is like helping each other across the globe, communicating, doing some reviews, making friends, promoting products and services, and many more. But of course, blogging and earning on the internet is made possible by good paid blogging companies which are true to their clients and to their online freelance writers or bloggers. There are many paid blogging companies that exists but few will remain as the time pass by. The one that will remain are the companies which have the heart in connecting their advertisers and freelance writers. These companies are the one which have good compensation on their online writers as well as maintain a good business connection with all of their advertisers.

So, this is a part of my story as a blogger! Thank you for reading! May you will be blessed with more every day!

Just the productive ones

This is my final decision that I will have to say goodbye to few of my domains. I will just maintain the sites that I can update every day, every other day or even few times a week. I am a busy mother who is doing homeschooling for my eldest kid and I need to take good care of my almost 2-year-old baby as well. I do not have enough time to horde all of the sights that I have and so I letting go of these blogs. I will just keep the one that is productive in the blogosphere!

Customized website themes

The importance of having a special theme for a website is the sole identity of the site and the owner’s business. There are lots of free themes over the internet but then, almost everyone is using it. Although, the advantage of using free website themes is that it is free of charge but then again there is no uniqueness for that particular site. On the other hand, there are also lots of advantages when using customized Cutting Edge Web Design. First, there is a special feature and look for a website in which it is just unique for the site and the owner of it. No one can copy it. Another thing is that there will be no links on the sidebars or footers or anywhere in the site when it is customized. Another thing is that the site owner will have his/her own mark for his customers and potential customers plus other advantages. The fees of having a customize website theme is not that high for those who want to have their own identity over the internet. So, it will be the choice of the site’s owner whether he/she will have the free website theme or will go for the customized one.

Web designers will always have the heart for all their customers and if they can, most of them will give savings and discounts. I say this because this is what I experience in most of my sites. My designers were so helpful to me. Others designers even gave me some freebies for the first sites that they will design for me to test if I will like it or not. Since I wasn’t that fussy with designing, the first designs satisfied me and it made me order more designs for them because they’re professional and open minded with creating the customized theme for my websites.

How about you? Do you have your own website customized theme already?

PayPal new home page design 2012

FireFox –

IE – only and so this is the result (at least in my computer alone)

IE- – the new design will show up

Warner bros games

Are you a parent? How many kids you have? Would you always give what your kids need and want? How are you being a parent? Do you always say yes to your kids?

Being a parent is one tough job. Probably one of the toughest jobs that a person will have in her entire life. To take care of kids is not an easy thing to do. Molding a person from conception to birth to adulthood is one heck of a work. There will be lots of apprehensions of whether a kid will grow good or the other way around. Being a parent, you should be ready with giving and granting the needs of your children. Aside from the material things, you also need to orient your kids with the spiritual side of life.

Anyhow, talking about material needs, there are lots of good things that kids will love. Since the world is already high tech; kids would love to go with the flow of technologies and all. There are lots of kids who will go for the old games but most of the kids nowadays are into computer, internet and the like. Now, are your kids fun of Warner Bros games, shows, etc.? If yes, then, it would be nice if you will check I bet your kids will love this website and its games. Warner Bros games are fun and joy for kids for all times. Or sometimes these games are also the favorite of young once and young at hearts. So, don’t forget to check this out. This will be a great family game time.

You know playing with kids is one great moment that the young ones will always treasure forever. Spending time with kids is a moment well spent. In due time, you will be thankful that you have and you give time for the most important persons in your life – your kids.

Norton blocked the malicious java file download

Blocked by Norton Anti-virus.  It says that it’s web attack and it’s malicious java file download from the site of  xonntras dot com with IP address in which this is the attacking computer and the attacker URL is the subpage of this bad domain.  Good thing NORTON AV is tight with its securities and this intrusion is blocked.  (Thank goodness!)

About Child Identity Theft

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