In solving this: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page

I was trying to figure out why there was this thing “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” in one of my hosted blogs. I admit that I was not a techie person coz the only thing that I knew were the things that I’ve came across in the past and in the present. If I will not experience such thing, meaning, I didn’t have any knowledge about it. Since I didn’t have any knowledge, I was just researching and reading those blog posts of other bloggers. Seemed those things were nice and it’s applicable with their site problems.

But I knew that my problem with this blog was different.

First: I thought that it’s because of plugins. So, I opened the File Manager, WP-content, then, the plugins folder. After that, I deleted those plugins except the AKISMET. But it’s not working still.
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Web hosting reviews

I have been into blogging for quite a long time. I must say that I really learned a lot from it. Now, who would have thought that I started from a very scratch? I didn’t know anything about these blogging stuffs at first until a friend of mine encouraged me to start an online journal using a free web hosting site. I used this free web hosting for almost 3 years but I eventually switched to the paid version and started to have a self-hosted blog. It is true that you can do a lot of good stuffs using free blogger platforms. You can easily publish your articles online; however, these free sites have limitations unlike the paid versions.

It is important to self-host your blog. Having your own dot com is more like establishing your own identity on the web. All you have to do is to register your domain and avail web hosting services for your blog. A domain will not work unless you have a Web hosting provider. You just have to make sure that you will be dealing with a reputable company that will not give you any issues in the near future. Get recommendations from your friends or better yet read reliable Web Hosting Reviews online so that you can compare which company suits your budget and which will offer the best web hosting features. So if you’re still using a free blogger platform, why not make a switch and start making your own identity!

Need to create different profiles

Too bad! With regards to one of my previous post about face-booking, even if I will switch from one page to another, since the page is owned by one person, so when I will use my page to like a particular page, it will just be counted as one. So, this means that I need to create one profile for a particular blog and then liked my other pages. With this thing, I can also use my different profiles in liking other people’s pages. Sigh!

Face-booking :)

As far as I can remember I am a member of for almost two years now . And I learned different things as well. Part of my learning is creating pages for my personal blogs. I didn’t know that I can use my individual blog pages in liking my other pages as well as liking the other pages/profiles of my friends. It’s just today that I’ve tried it and it work. From now on, I’ll not be creating another PROFILE with another email whenever there will be some people who will ask me to like their pages. Instead, I will just be switching my profiles from one to the other so that I can use it as if I am a different person (though having only one profile). Now, if you are like me who doesn’t know about this, just take a look at the screenshot on how to do it! But if you know this already, just ignore my article.

Okay it’s like this you will create a page(s). And then if you have enough of it, you have to click ACCOUNT on the upper right portion. Then, click USE FACEBOOK AS PAGE. With it, you can use it in liking other FB profiles and pages without creating new account with different emails.

Now I know! Thanks God. At least I’ll not be creating another domain emails for my new FB accounts because I can easily use my other FB pages of my personal blogs. It’s also convenient because I’ll not be logging in and out from one account to the other. There is one thing that I need though! Enough friends to like my page so that I can somehow use this for those who will be asking 50 friends, 100 friends, and or at least 300 friends! YOWWW! Hope I am correct on this! Happy face-booking again everyone and have a nice blessed day! Loving FB a lot!

I’ll be waiting

It’s so sad to know that Firefox version 5.0 is not compatible with the Google Toolbar. It’s good if I didn’t upgrade my FF browser with my core i5 Sony VAIO as this is the laptop that I am using every day. Sigh! Hmmm, nothing I can do except to wait for the time that the newest version of FF will be compatible again with Google Toolbar. I need the GT because I need to have the PR button visible on my browser so that I can see the current PRs of my sites! Sigh!

Saving cPanel’s disk space usage with wordpress blog

I am always saving my CPANEL’s disk space usage for some reasons. In order for me to save a little of my disk space usage I will host my photos somewhere in a free photo hosting site and I will just use the photo URL then post it in my site using IMG SRC code. And not just that, I am also resizing my photos before hosting it so as to help those free photo hosting companies not to be loaded that much. Though, I am willing to upgrade whenever my freebies will be over so as to save my photos.

Now, going back to saving disk space usage, my simple technique is to empty my WP_COMMENTMETA and my WP_LINKS (because my friend’s lists are saved on one of my pages). I can always do it using PHPMYADMIN in my CPANEL. After that, I will empty my WP_POSTMETA because this is just the record of my post revisions (if I am correct). In this screenshot, I have 685 posts and I have 437 POSTMETA. If I will empty that one, I can surely save at least 47.2 KiB in my CPANEL’s disk space usage [my sample here is my WRDP14(11)].

But before doing anything in my PHPMYADMIN, I will first save XML file of my blog(s) just in case I need to restore all of my important articles! It’s better to be safe than sorry so I need to secure my blog files first before deleting just anything that I want.

And in this CPANEL that I have, I hosted more than 20 blogs of which I have files since 2007-2008 but my disk space usage is just 567.44MB. Aside from these things, I am also sacrificing a lot (as in a LOT) in order for me to save much with my disk space because my resource in renewing my web hosting is so limited right now!

My total disk space usage for my more than 20 hosted blogs!  WEEE!

I love the Firefox version 4 – yeahhh

I love the Firefox version 4 which is released today. It is kind of faster than version 3. I already tried dropping EC and blog hopping and it will open different browsers quickly. Even if there are blogs which carries pop-up and add-on (virus/ads), the new FF is still quick. Hope it will stay like this on their next upgrade or even much faster!


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