Instead of feeling negative, do good things for others

It’s just because of not using a gadget for his “so called making a video”, he said that his life is miserable. What the heck? So, I told him that if he is with the house of my friend and one of their kids, he will be having a bald hair as that’s the punishment that my friend gave to her son.

So, I asked him, “So your life is really miserable just because you cannot use a cellphone for making video, and your time for computer and watching TV is being regulated?”

Think of the people and the kids who are in the country with war, are their lives not miserable to you? Think of them running for their lives, hiding, without food, without drink, or perhaps they lost their father/mother or entire family, are their lives not miserable? And you, with just the cellphone for making videos, you are now miserable? He then told me, that there’s shouting and yelling. I told him, no one will shout if a person is listening with one words, if a person is not crying because he cannot get what he wants. No one is yelling if a person is thinking of helping the family and not thinking of the word “I” all the time. I told him that when a person or when he will think of the word “I” most of the time, that will result to miseries and all the problems in life and all the discontentment. If a person will just think of “HOW CAN I HELP THE FAMILY, HOW CAN I HELP OTHERS”, then that person will be happy or happier in life.

Then I enumerated my life that when I was 10 years old, I had to work hard for my family. I told him that at the age of 10, I had lots of responsibilities and I didn’t have any gadget at all. Even the electricity was limited. I didn’t have TV in the house of my parents. I said to him at around 4 or 5 or even 3 in the morning, I had to get up and walk miles from the house, carrying containers just to fetch water and help the family. In going to school, I had to walk, rain or shine coz my family didn’t have a car. I had to take care of cows and goats and feed the animals with green grasses. I had to clean the house, scrub the floor, clean the yard and yet I always heard that I was lazy if I cannot do the things the way it should be done. Complaining would result that I got pinched, slap and I’d hear big voices (yelling/shouting). I asked him, “Is my life not miserable? But I didn’t complain any bit. I was just happy. And I thought to myself that when I’ll get big, I’ll help my parents live a better life.”

And he said to me, “Well, your life is miserable than mine. Mine is just a little miserable.” OMG the ten year old kid of the new high tech generation!

I told him that when he will feel miserable he should do good things for others. In that way, he won’t feel miserable anymore. Helping others is like helping himself. But he was crying. I told him that I don’t want to hear that word again and I let him repeat on what he will do whenever he will feel miserable. First he just mucks at me and he said, “I’ll take a nap!” And I asked again of what he will do whenever he feels miserable, and he said, “Do good things for others, help the family!”

I hope he will do it! Kids in the modern society are way different on kids that’s growing up and bonding with nature. In technology, there’s no satisfaction in life. But with playing and bonding with nature, like what I had when I was growing up, brings contentment in life. Even if life was hard, but for me, I was happy growing up on where I came from. Bonding with nature gave me lots of strength and energy. With so much technology, it can drain health and energy and it can make a person grow old quickly.

Technology is good if it’s being used with limits and for the purposes of connecting others or for making a good clean living. But if technology is over used with just making fun or to make a person happy, then, it’s not good at all. It can drain a person’s life and the result for kids, is that they have poor self-esteem and they don’t know how to relate with other people. It is like they are walking zombies and they have their own world. Like talking to the computer, shouting and saying lots of words, following those you-tubers that they idolized…it would result that when they will be out of the house, it’s like they will just keep talking to themselves.

I pity those parents who are giving too much computer or gadget time to kids. It’s not healthy at all. I pity the kids who are into too much technology at the younger age. They need to be taught to read good books. They need to talk to people or their families about anything. I pity parents who don’t have time for their kids and they are making the technology as the nanny of their kids.

OMG, stop giving too much computer/gadget hours to the kids! Don’t make your kids like walking zombies because of too much computer, gadget and TV time. They need good conversation from you. Talk to your kids while they are young. Time will come when they don’t need you and you will be looking for their time. Bond with your kids! Play with them while they are still young. Your time playing with simple things with them will be much appreciated by your kids when they will grow big. Think of some fun activities that you can enjoy with them or bring them out to parks or walk to some beautiful places. Kids with so much technology in their lives don’t have good endurance. They get tired easily with simple few minutes of walking. Oh my goodness!

For me, if I don’t need to earn something, I won’t be in the computer all the time. I’d rather play with my kids and be a full time mother. But I have to earn for some reason. I hope one of these days, I’ve got to have more than enough time for my kids and that I don’t need to earn money on my own.

Oh dear life, Oh dear God, help us all!


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