NYDJ collections – love it

As I can recall, I love wearing jeans ever since. Even though my mother always bought me dresses when I was young, but then, I love wearing jeans.  This is because it’s comfortable and I can just do anything easily.

Anyway, now that I am mature enough to just buy anything that I want, I am a frequent jeans buyer.  My reason for this is, I can act lady like if I want to or I can act boyishly whenever I will wear my favorite jeans. And oh, speaking of favorites, I do love NYDJ. Just in case, the meaning of NYDJ is “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” collections. The styles that I love buying with NYDJ brand are the boot leg styles, boot cut, and the straight leg jeans. And the colors that I love will always be the brown, the blue, and the black because it will always be perfect with whatever tops and whatever accessories that I will be wearing. Hope it will be soon that I will be able to buy new additional NYDJ so that I can add few pieces in my collection!


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