Castoreum on food?

I grossed me out upon knowing that foods flavored with raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, pudding, soft candy, frozen dairy, hard candy, gelatin, chewing gum used castoreum. And this thing is from beavers’ behinds. It says that this castoreum smells good and it is even used in some perfume.

I just love vanilla ice cream – a lot. And in this photo, I am preparing my ice cream float (vanilla ice cream with dew soda). But after eating it, I want to vomit coz I am thinking too much of castoreum. Although upon the things that I’ve read, companies who are using this ingredient just use a tiny amount as the harvest is few. If they use it, they will just put the words ‘NATURA FLAVORING.’ EWWW! Now, I am curious of that natural flavoring thingy on foods.


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