Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Colorado Springs – Part 1

I got my DL last 2011, and from that time I was driving to places even if I always got lost. Until today, I am always lost even if I am using my GPS. You see, I am still a newbie driver. Anyway, even if I was a newbie, I told myself that I will bring my kids out whenever I can coz my eldest was deprived of being with other people or seeing new places because for almost 6 years I wasn’t driving. I was afraid then, and I did not want to go out with my two friends as I was too shy that time.

One of the places that my kids and I visited was Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It’s fun there, but the smell was different. We saw different types of animals, and it was amazing. The things that we didn’t see were the zebras and the elephants because it says that African Rift Valley was under construction that time. Although zebra was viewable as what they wrote on the sign we didn’t visit the place.

And here are few photos of our fun at the zoo.


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