Top 10 Cryptocurrencies as of September 2 2017- bitcoin, eth, ltc, ripple and more

It is so fascinating to know that there are more than a 100 cryptocurrencies in the market today. All I know is just less than 10 cryptos. When I browsed online and bumped on, oh my, there are more than a 100.

As of today, the top 10 coins that this website listed are:

I will visit this website every day so that I will be oriented on what’s new and what’s hot with the cryptocurrencies that I am following. This is new to me courtesy of my dear friend Belle and I am so happy she shares this with me (blessings for her).

Thanks jet dot com for the quick refund

Thanks, for the refund of my returned items. I appreciate it a lot. It was nice shopping in this online store that offers discounts for every item. I will be purchasing more stuff in this store soonest. I love shopping at jet dot com as it offers free shipping and free return.

Talking of return, I just visited the nearby FedEx store at Citadel Colorado Springs, gave them my items, and they printed the acceptance receipt. Then I waited for this refund. And at that particular date (screenshot belo), jet dot com refunded me. It is always fun to shop online!

Oh dear, from May to August

This was my last post about my own expenses. OMG, from that time, I over spent and over shared. This has to stop from now on until I can recover from my finances. I just love to share a lot but with my case, I need to recover first from what I’ve been through. I am just thankful that God is sending good people who are giving me work to do. But I need to save more. Until then, I’ve got to keep things to pay off everything! Oh dear God, please be with me always!
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It’s not how big is your income from your work but it is how much you save

I’ve known people with ordinary jobs but have lots of savings and they also have investments. But I know more of people who earn big but they are broke and don’t have any investments at all.

In life, it is not how much you earn but it is how much you save and you keep. But that is not enough. Savings and investments need to be together – always.

So, what are your investments and who taught you about it? And who are the people whom you shared it with so that they too can have a good life?

Hoping to save more this coming months

Early this year, I told myself that I need to save every penny that I am going to earn so that I can pay off all of my payables after I transferred everything in a credit union. The one who helped me transferred and consolidated all of my credit was a Fil-Am bank officer because she pitied my situation. I was happy that time and I told myself, “hopefully this is the thing that can help me.” She asked me if I want a debit card with my checking account and I told her that I don’t want because I want that every penny of my income while being a SAHM and online freelance writer will be put as payment for my credits. She just laughed at me.
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Build your saving power instead of credit history

Last night, I tried to call up Citi for my credit card since I already did a balance transfer on my new bank to save some bucks from the interest. I talked to a customer service and I asked where their customer service center location was. The one who answered said that they were located in India. I kept on asking him to repeat some of his words as I couldn’t understand some part of it (maybe he couldn’t understand my accent as well :D), until he transferred me to another department which was the fraud department to confirm if it’s really me. I knew the girl had a Filipino accent and I was happy to hear it. I asked her if I can speak with her in Tagalog or Bisayan dialect but she said that I needed to talk to her in English for quality assurance purposes. Well, okay. After she reset my security question, she transferred me back to that Indian customer service. So, I think Citi call centers were located in India and in the Philippines. Anyway, I asked that CS of why until now that it’s March the balance transfer that was being sent and processed by my new bank last end of February wasn’t reflected in my account when the other banks like Chase and Bank of America accepted my balance transfers for a long time. That Indian Customer Service replied to me, that it was not received by their company coz maybe it was lost by the mail. What the..?

So, maybe I need to do another balance transfer (?!). Oh well, I’ll do another balance transfer at the end of March (I think) if my balance transfer payment will still not reflect in my Citi account. Anyway, Citi card is a good credit company (positive review on their side).

Anyway, relying on credit cards for emergency purchases or for any other purchases is not really a good thing. I learned my lessons already. Building good credit history is okay. But I think, I really need to build my saving power, I mean, who need a good credit history when a person has lots of cash? Well, lessons learned. Enough is enough in using my credit cards. But I thank God for my experiences though!

Bitcoin is higher than gold

Oh I love bitcoin but sadly I am not an investor of it. It is good news today for bitcoin investors as this cost more than the gold today. Wow! Anyway, I have known a friend who invested a lot with bitcoin and pretty sure she’s having great gain with her bitcoins. It’s such a blessing for everyone!

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Operate your own automotive franchises and be your own BOSS

You might have been toying with the idea of starting your own business for a long time. However, you are nervous about doing so because it would require leaving the security of your current job. This is normal for people who find themselves in the same position you are in. However, you need to take some risks in life if you are going to reap large rewards. Starting your own business can be an amazing experience that can enrich your life in a wide variety of ways. Here are some of the best reasons to start your own business.

1. Control your own destiny

This is one of the biggest reasons why many people decide to take the plunge and start their own business. They have become tired of someone else getting all of the praise and benefits from their hard work. You might feel the same way. You will be able to decide the direction you want to take your company if you are calling all the shots. This can be an exciting and refreshing change of pace from what you are used to. You will no longer need to have the path of your life determined by a complete stranger. There are many different types of businesses you could choose to start. Many people have experienced success by operating their own automotive franchises.

2. Make your own hours

Running your own business means that you will no longer have to work hours that someone else sets for you. You will now be able to dictate when you open for business and how long your day is. You can also take vacation whenever you feel like it. You will not be limited to a fixed amount of vacation time that your employer gives to you. This type of personal freedom will allow you to spend more time doing things that truly matter to you.

3. Be your own boss

Some people are lucky enough to have a boss who they enjoy working for. Unfortunately, there are many people who dread going to work every day because of the tyrant boss who awaits them at the office. Starting your own business will give you the chance to be your own boss. You will not have to take orders from anyone ever again. You will be the person giving the orders. You may wonder why you did not start a business years earlier.

Freebies with Shopkick

I’ve been a member of shopkick – for more than a year now. I already claimed my first reward last year and I gave it to my friend but she didn’t use it yet. Then, I deleted my app from my phone.

This year, I thought about it and try to use it whenever I can remember it every time I will shop. Besides, clicking the app is free and I can earn points. With the accumulated points, I can claim some e-cards and I can redeemed it whenever I want.

Last week, I tried to use it at one of the grocery stores here in my town. I just want to earn walk-in kick points (upon entering the store) and then I can also earn points when I will scan some items that shopkick put in their apps. When I entered the store, shopkick won’t let me do it. It stated that I should go to the entrance for the shopkick points as a proof that I am within the store. So, I went back at the store entrance and tried to open the app but it didn’t let me. Since I wasn’t able to have the WALK-IN KICK POINTS, therefore I cannot scan the products that they want me to scan. It didn’t matter though, I can try it next time.

Anyway, whenever I am not using this app, I will have to moderate on the access of this app in my phone for privacy. I’ll just have to open it whenever I am in the store that they are affiliated with for me to earn walk-in kick points and some scan kick points.

On the other hand, I’ve learned this app through my friend (thanks to her) and it’s fun for as long as the app will give me a walk-in kick points and I can use the app to scan some items for me to earn kick points. Freebies are always great to have!






Practical Way of Taking Care of Family

Common problems mostly families facing now is the fact that both parents are working for the family’s needs. Technically, it occurs these days. And the only person who’s in charge of the kids when the parents work is the maid/yaya. Although some asks favor to their relatives, still, the fact that the parents need to leave their kids in order for them to work. With this, we end up leaving our responsibilities to other person. Aside from that, the closeness of the family will surely fade away. Btu nevertheless, this common situation only happens with the kids are grown up.

Of the two parents, mother is the one who should know best of the kids’ situations. Although the father has also obligations towards his kids, the fact that among the two, the mother is the one knowledgeable more about handling the family without affecting any of her works. But of course, since this generation is different from before, mothers from the past is different from mothers today. If before, mothers focus only to the family, now, mothers have things to do aside from the family (such as managing a business like forex: especially if that person is also a breadwinner.

Good thing that despite of the differences of mothers from now and then, there are still ways on how mothers and even those dads who are acting as both parents of the family have the options to do. With the fast and convenient stuff created these days, people can really work without affecting any of their obligations in life.

Since we can’t avoid working for our family’s needs especially when it comes to kids, always consider the following that would somehow comfort the both parties:

  1. 1.       When you decide to work, make a forum and try to tell your kids about your plan. In this way, they will know your sides and at the same time, you will know what they would feel then.
  2. 2.       Never ever forget your obligations despite of the fact that you work for a living.
  3. 3.       As much as possible, try to communicate with them even just for an hour. Giving them a part of your time to check and update them is already enough (as kids these days know how to understand more).
  4. 4.       When you’re into a work, always make the kids feel that you are still there supporting them.

It may be hard at first, but as a parent especially a mom, working is not an excuse to let them feel that you need to work for their needs. You can still work even without letting it happen. All you just need is a good time management.


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